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You don’t even have to be an experienced gourmet to know that Black Sea fish is the most delicious fish in the world! Marine fish is not only incredibly tasty, but also very useful and nutritious, because it lives in deep and clean waters that are not contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides, harmful and dangerous to humans. Unfortunately, the majority of the population prefers river, lake and artificially grown, tasteless species of fish and seafood, underestimating such an important, useful and valuable resource as real, wild, sea fish.

That is why, in 2018, Black Sea Union Fishing Company LLC was founded, the main purpose of which was to expand and diversify the market with wild, Black Sea fish and seafood caught on the Black Sea coast.Due to the rapid and dynamic growth, our company has become an official importer of Black Sea fish and seafood on the market. In 2019, we registered our trademark, called IFISH, which has already fallen in love with Ukrainian consumers.

Immediately after the catch, fish and seafood are placed in special certified productions of our partner companies, where all the necessary inspection and certification is carried out. After that, the products are immediately frozen and sent to you, without undergoing any pre-sale preparation, are not pumped with gels, solutions, enhancers, flavor enhancers and other harmful substances.

Our production, all warehouses and vehicles are equipped with the latest, latest equipment and freezers. Qualified specialists and every employee of IFISH carefully follow the rules of storage and transportation of fish and seafood, which is why you get useful fresh-frozen products from almost the very sea to your table!

Trademark “IFISH” – try the Black Sea to taste!

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