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Success can only be achieved by own efforts and investment in yourself. Management Development Centre of European Business Association invite you to attend the following educational events for comprehensive personal and professional development.


Online-Development Programme: Peculiarities of Negotiations in Military Times

During the programme you will practice methods of negotiating online, deepen into the new reality, be able to understand the difference between online and offline formats. This programme is practical. Format – 6 modules for 3 hours at the Zoom platform, twice a week. Course includes support in Telegram, additional video-lessons, topic materials, tests, home task.

Duration: 26 September - 16 October

Language: Ukrainian


Online Development Programme on Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The Programme will allow you to get understanding and tools for analysis, forecasting, planning and control, assessment and management of key performance indicators and financial indicators of a company or a project. Each module is provided with examples or cases that will help participants clearly understand the material and experience the knowledge in practice.

Duration: 30 September - 03 October

Language: Ukrainian


Online-Development Programme: Leadership and People Management in Times of Changes

This Online-Development Programme extends the understanding of leadership through an in-depth study of different leadership dimensions as well as prominent leaders. We will analyze the mindset and the toolkit involved to be a leader and act as a leader in times of changes.

Duration: 7 October - 18 November

Language: Ukrainian


Online-Training: How to Create Wow-Presentations and use PowerPoint Effectively

We are sure that even not being a designer it is possible to create beautiful and understandable slides, and spend less time on it by learning how to use the instruments effectively. Let’s learn how to do it and make your presentations better!

Duration: 9 - 11 October

Language: Ukrainian


Training: Measurement and Evaluation of the Communication Efficiency

The EBA Management Development Centre Team together with Oksana Malychkovych initiate new Training: Measurement and Evaluation of the Communication Efficiency. After finishing the training you will: use different methodologies of the communication efficiency, make information audit, understand whether it is necessary to make monitoring of social networks and how, realize the evaluation of the company’s reputation.

Duration: 16 October

Language: Ukrainian


Online-Development Programme: Psychological Adaptation of Veterans

The traumatic experience of military operations affects the daily life and communication of veterans and their relatives. It is therefore important to create favorable conditions and properly build communication with veterans in order to help them recover and adapt.

Duration: 22 - 25 October

Language: Ukrainian


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We invite you to become a part of the community of prominent professionals striving for growth, changes and exploration of new knowledge and skills.

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