Autumn Season of Business Education

Success can only be achieved by own efforts and investment in yourself. We are pleased to invite you to attend the following educational events for comprehensive personal and professional development.


Online-Development Programme on IT for Non-IT Specialists

The EBA Management Development Centre team announce the new Online-Development Programme, which will help you to understand the value of IT technologies and methods of their implementation into the directions that are not connected with them, methods of automatization and service backup.

Duration: 26 October - 09 November

Language: Ukrainian


Training: How to Build a Team which Makes the Impossible Possible and Stay Alive

At the training session we’re going to work on the stages of team development, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a modern concept of “bringing your whole self to work”, learn to create synergy between team members, taking into account our personal leadership style and emotional wellbeing.

Duration: 4th of November

Language: Ukrainian


Online Development Programme on Strategic HR-Management

We are now moving from the awareness of staff as a resource to the perception of it as “capital” that is value. Therefore, the approaches to personnel management and strategic management need to be updated. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for companies to remain efficient and competitive.

Duration: 11 November - 04 December

Language: Ukrainian


Training: Marketing for CEO

The main challenge for those who become CEOs or general managers, it is a changeover from the functional expertise to understanding the business as it is and working of other functions. Marketing – is another expert sphere, that is form one side seems to be as a combination of mysterious terms and incomprehensible source of expenditures but we will show how to talk with marketing on its language.

Duration: 3rd of December

Language: Ukrainian


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We invite you to become a part of the community of prominent professionals striving for growth, changes and exploration of new knowledge and skills.


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You will keep abreast of all the latest news in the field of business. Among the lecturers representatives of the most diverse spheres who love to open up new approaches and not afraid to put them into practice.

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Unique long-term programmes that allows you to improve your skills and open up new ways to solve business issues.

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