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A fresh view ☃️

Success can only be achieved by own efforts and investment in yourself. Management Development Centre of European Business Association invite you to attend the following educational events for comprehensive personal and professional development.


Online-Tax Development Programme

Online-Tax Development Programme was established in 2018 to help you to deepen into the tax sphere in Ukraine and abroad, find out all the nuisances of minimising and legal methods of optimisation, as well as tax structuring. Each season programme is updated in accordance with the new features of tax legislation.

Duration: 30 January - 13 February

Language: Ukrainian


Online Development Program on the Evaluation of Investment Projects

The development of the economy of any country is based on the implementation of investment projects that ensure the process of extended reproduction, create new values, jobs, new production and consumer potential. We invite you to participate in a completely new development program on the evaluation of investment projects, which allows you to understand the theoretical foundations and acquire practical skills in calculating the effectiveness of investment projects and making investment decisions.

Duration: 21 - 23 February

Language: Ukrainian


Online-Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence for Business Efficiency

Artificial intelligence made a furore last year, changed our ideas of the world and understanding of the market. It stimulated fast development, pushed to change and adapt to modern realities. Management Development Centre Team together with Mykhailo Patsan invite you to take part in the Online-Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence for Business Efficiency.

Duration: 5 - 12 March

Language: Ukrainian


Online Development Programme on Authentic Leadership

70% of people are not satisfied with their work. The greatest contribution to this dissatisfaction is made by a manager who does not know how to build stable, safe, sincere and inspiring communication with his team. However, dream teams do exist and you can be the driving force that will start the revolution.

Duration: 12 March - 2 April

Language: Ukrainian


Online-Development Programme on Sales without Objections. ProSPIN Sales Strategy and Tactics

The only stability that exists now is the constant changes which are taking place in the world and society. The continuous development of business is the cause of new challenges: to expand, find new customers and conquer new horizons. Together with Oleksandr Pronishyn we invite you to join the updated programme that will be useful for all representatives of sales department.

Duration: 20 - 24 May

Language: Ukrainian


Online Development Programme on Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Knowing the basic principles of financial accounting and understanding key business performance indicators is the way to the success of making economically-based managerial decisions. Together with Mykhailo Kolisnyk we launch the programme that allows you to get understanding and tools for analysis, forecasting, planning and control, assessment and management of key performance indicators and financial indicators of a company or a project.

Duration: 30 September - 3 October

Language: Ukrainian


The powerful platform for professional and personal development

We invite you to become a part of the community of prominent professionals striving for growth, changes and exploration of new knowledge and skills.

Development programmes

Unique long-term programmes that allows you to improve your skills and open up new ways to solve business issues.

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Development Programmes




Start 16:00

Olena Yelisieieva

Viacheslav Sukhomlynov

Olga Shapovalova

Nataliia Baikalova

Svitlana Savchuk

Online-Development Programme on Soft Skills: How to Develop and Improve




Start 10:00

Oleg Demchyk

Serhii Potapov

Olena Yuzkova

Yevhen Osmak

Volodymyr Sobolev

Mykhailo Krikunov

Inna Kosoryga

Ivan Kompan

Oleg Koss

Programme for Management Development Pre-MBA




Start 17:00

Vitaliy Odzhykovskyy

Володимир Чижиков

Vasyl Mishchenko

Sergij Kolesnikov

Prof. Dr. Adrian Cloer

Valentyn Zasukha

Olena Samarchenko

Online-Tax Development Programme





Start 16:00

Pavel Filip Stakhovsky

Company Visit: BestDriver Kyiv


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18 International Lectures


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