Management Development Centre

Business is not only about technology, money, or financial opportunity. All successful business cases revolve around people

EBA Management Development Centre is a powerful platform for professional and personal development. We invite you to become a part of the community of prominent professionals striving for growth, changes and exploration of new knowledge and skills.

Your knowledge is your greatest asset. And we truly believe it is you who has the power to develop this asset.

We at EBA Management Development Centre will give you a direction and do our best to show you how it can be used.

Our team works for your better future.

Our task is to provide you valuable knowledge and skills for the development of your professional scope of functions.

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Open Lectures

You will keep abreast of all the latest news in the field of business. Among the lecturers representatives of the most diverse spheres who love to open up new approaches and not afraid to put them into practice.




Start 10:00

Kateryna Kovalenko

Natali Volkova

Open Lecture: Design Thinking: Conversion of Knowledge into Actions




Start 10:00

Oleksandr Zayoma

Andrew Prykhodchenko

Olexandr Tomilin

Open Lecture: 19 Lifehacks for Stunning Presentations in 2019




Start 15:00

Andrii Radevych

Sergiy Grynchevsky

Dmytro Sholomko

Google Talk: Internet for Business in Ukraine




Start 10:00

Andrii Skuratovskyi

Open Lecture: Tax Holidays for Your Business
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Іntensive classes that allow you to immediately test new knowledge and refine your technique. The new tools will teach you significantly accelerate and ease your day-to-day activities and inspire for new ideas.

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Development programmes

Unique long-term programmes that allows you to improve your skills and open up new ways to solve business issues.


Andrii Droniuk

I encourage everyone to visit the Development Programme on Coaching Skills for Management. The most interesting and effective exercise for me was the "Time Walk" from the Team Module. Also, the universal tool for each manager is, of course, open questions (both for individual and team coaching). Thanks to the…

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Oksana Demianchuk
McDonald’s Ukraine

The Development of coaching skills for management has given me a great opportunity to realize qualities for upbringing a leader in myself. Among the coaching tools that have become a magic wand in my professional life, I can highlight the pyramid of logical levels, the magic of open questions, active…

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Olena Raycheva
Tearay Ukraine

Nowadays the world is changing so fast that the continuous filling the knowledge gap means rather the necessity than the professional self-improvement. In such conditions, you realize the importance of the EBA Management Development Centre Team. The quality and quantity of the development events organized by the team of Marianna…

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Olena Obukhivska
PR Manager Arricano

Studies at the EBA mean the unique, multidimensional and comfortable format of getting business education. You can choose trainings and speakers on your own, schedule in advance what you want to listen for your personal and professional growth, become aware of effective cases on different markets in order to analyze…

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Oleksandr Tarabukhin

EBA events are prioritized in my business plans as most of them help to manage many tasks: being aware of popular trends and opening new ways in addressing the challenges and concerns, developing the perception of routine process and giving the possibility of approbation of knowledge in professional discussion with…

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Oleg Kirichuk
PR Coordinator at Asters Law Firm

EBA Management Development Centre team has succeeded in implementing training and development projects that are unique in Ukraine for employees of the Association member-companies at the highest level possible. At Asters we are proud of our successful cooperation with EBA within our joint Legal School project, a free of charge…

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Oleg Bogdan

I opened EBA Management Development Centre and got acquainted with its great team nearly one year ago. I showed a huge interest and realized the value of information after visiting the first event. The proposed topics are various and relevant for today. Most speakers are distinguished practitioners who can run…

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