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The European Business Association is experienced and trusted government relations advisor to your business

Collective initiatives

Initiatives are provided within the committees since the beginning of the year

Individual initiatives

Initiatives are provided within the company since the beginning of the year


About us

We represent our members’ interests on the national scale, dealing with both collective and individual cases. In our daily advocacy work, we focus on the promotion and implementation of the best European values and practices. Our dedicated and professional Advocacy Team seeks to support EBA members in their day-to-day business activity.

The list of Association’s priorities for the year 2024:

  • Harmonization of national legislation with EU legislation.
  • Regulation of issues related to the mobilization and reservation of company employees to ensure a balance of the country’s economic interests.
  • Initiation of an industrial platform for dialogue with the EU.
  • Promotion of international trade between Ukraine and the EU.
  • Support for further currency liberalization as a tool to encourage current and potential investors.
  • Energy stability and efficiency.
  • Promotion of the dissemination of business financing and risk insurance tools.

Association's Advocacy Instruments

Position Papers
General Meetings
Committee Events
External Meetings
Social Networks


Industrial Committees

This is a group of EBA members with distinct membership criteria and entry procedures, providing its associates the possibility to discuss industry-specific concerns.

Open Committees

Open Committees bring together representatives of EBA members to discuss issues related to their sphere of interests, identify and promote a common position to overcome the problems of the market.

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