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The EBA Committee was established in early 2006 to serve our members who realize the need to consider the good of the wider communities within which they exist. The Committee members share their experience and best practice in implementing various social initiatives. They also discuss obstacles to CSR in Ukraine and endeavor to overcome them together.

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Sayenko Kharenko

Committee priorities

promote CSR among EBA members and the wider business community in Ukraine;
educate companies on effective ways to promote their CSR efforts;
assist EBA members in finding reliable partners for their CSR initiatives.
share experience and best practice in implementing social initiatives;
identify and overcome regulatory and other obstacles to CSR in Ukraine;
The National Children Specialized Hospital “OHMATDET”

We all live in society. Business is also a part of society. Making efforts for improving and changing it for the better is pointless without taking care of children. In order to help young people in need it was decided to start direct cooperation with OKHMATDET – the National Children’s Specialised Hospital. This institution is deserving of our support for many reasons.

The Hospital’s principal specialisations are surgery and rehabilitation. Our cooperation will improve not only medical facilities but also the surrounding areas. Bathrooms, beds, furniture, walls and many other elements are very important if a hospital becomes your home for some weeks, months or years.

Doctors, little patients and their parents will appreciate if your company will offer help. Please note that we are not seeking any money transfers, only products or materials meeting the needs of the Hospital which are easy and affordable for you to provide. If you would like to support personally – we would be most grateful. The future is in our hands.

If you would like to join please contact the EBA office via email

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