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GlobalLogic Ukraine

We make connections.

From software products like Web and cloud applications to consumer devices like smartphones and diabetes monitors, we’ve helped customers make amazing products and experiences across many industries. Our breadth of experience gives us unique insight into how to connect the dots not only between different stages of the product development lifecycle, but also between business opportunities that our customers might not have seen otherwise.

Sharing responsibility.

Our consultants take pride of ownership in the products they help design, develop, test, and support. We call this “shared responsibility”. Many of our customers consider their GlobalLogic experts to be inseparable from their own product development teams, and we do everything possible to maintain the trust that has led to many productive, long-term relationships with industry leaders.

Mission & Values:

  • Fostering business and professional development

GlobalLogic Ukraine is a talent team that collaborates with world technology leaders in creating innovative products and new quality standards of program engineering.

  • Cultivating respectful and encouraging attitude

We represent Ukraine as a country of professionals. We develop IT business and economy of Ukraine by providing jobs and growing up the best specialists in their sphere.

  • Integrity

We treat people with respect and as we would want to be treated.

  • Openness

We believe in empowering people and ensuring they have access to the information and resources they need to be successful.

  • Teamwork

We believe that people that care, trust and understand each others goals can accomplish more.

  • Innovation

We believe winning products must have great design and world-class technology execution.


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