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Kremenchukgaz was established in 1964 in Kremenchuk as a production and operational office of liquefied gas in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. At that time, the office supplied liquefied gas to the city of Kremenchuk and the Kremenchuk district.
In 1967, natural gas entered the left bank of Kremenchuk.
1970 – the administrative premises and production buildings of the office where the Kremenchukgaz Company is located are built and put into operation.
In 1972, the office left the city commune farm and was subordinated to the Poltava Regional Production Trust for the operation of the Poltavagaz gas farm.
1975 – the office expands the service area and is renamed the inter-district management of gas, with the organization of activities in Komsomolsk, Globino, urban-type settlements Hradizka and Semenivka, in the villages of Obolon, Velyki Krynky and others.
In 1994, in accordance with the order № 127 “Derzhkomnaftogaz” from 14.03.94 by transforming the Kremenchug Department of Gas Supply and Gasification, the Open Joint-Stock Company “Kremenchukgaz” was established.
In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies”, in April 2011 by the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Open Joint Stock Company for Gas Supply and Gasification “Kremenzukgaz” the name of the Company was changed to Public Joint Stock Company “Kremenchukgaz”.
In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies”, in April 2018, the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Public Joint Stock Company “Kremencukgaz” changed the name of the Company to the Private Joint Stock Company “Kremenchukgaz”. Relevant changes were made to the USR on May 3, 2018.
Today PJSC “Kremenchukgaz” is a modern mono-industry enterprise with a developed infrastructure, the main purpose of which is to perform a full range of works on the operation of gas supply systems, design, construction and repair of gas networks, creating a highly competitive business using the best approaches and management methods; increasing the efficiency of work aimed at increasing profitability and increasing the market capitalization of the Company; building a system of relationships with the external environment (customers, partners, competitors, based on the principles of openness and transparency.
An important factor in the effective work of Kremenchukgaz is the only team of gas workers, headed by the Chairman of the Board Oksenenko Bohdan Viktorovych.
The average number of full-time employees is 560 people.
Currently, the company serves two cities (Kremenchuk and Horishni Plavni), one urban-type settlement (Semenivka), two rural districts (Kremenchug and Semenivka) and 136 rural settlements, which are gasified with natural gas.
Every year the company distributes about 500 million m3 of natural gas.

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