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Articles and Recommendations

Each month we conduct plenty of educational events. But sometimes there’s no time to attend all of them, and presentations are not full of useful and practical information.

In this section you may find articles from experts that come out on the EBA Education platform.

We do hope that their advice and experience in a wide range of topics would be useful for you, in order to achieve more success in your business and work, open new heights.

Author: Victoria Antunevich, Senior Account Manager, GROU agency

Employer brand is a complex of efforts made by the company to interact with existing and potential employees, which makes it an attractive place to work.

Author: Valery Glubochenko, a certified business trainer, experienced in public speaking, training and development of groups as well as corporate consulting, one of founders of the Ukrainian training market, a creator of several KNOW-HOWS in the area of negotiation and staff training whose events have been attended by more than 25 000 people

How to Work with Objections: “It is expensive”, “I need to think about it”, “I already have a supplier” and how to learn to read your customers’ thoughts, why they grumble and say "no" and how to acquire the skills to overcome the common barriers in communication: price, discount, competitors?


Author: Natan Kous, The Founder of the business community IT Founders

Unless you create strong foundation for your system, the rest will not be very effective. Now let’s work on creation of the system you can rely on for your sales services for years.

Author: Rolan Bondarets, leading lawyer on tax issues, Finance Business Service, 15 years of experience

As it is known since July 1, 2017, the taxpayers faced the problems related to the suspension of the registration of the tax bills and the calculation of adjustments in the Unified Register of Tax Bills, as well as the refusal to register them.

Author: The EY Business Academy

Thanks to the funds of shareholders and creditors managers can purchase factors of production, organize business, which is able to increase the investment and create inflows of economic benefits that are measured by profit and funds. There are two directions of analysis and assessment: benefits and risks. Ultimately, the success of the company means the welfare of investors.


Author: Oleksii Kupriienko, CEO & Commander of the Company "Underdog The UnLawyers"

The main task of the participant in the conflict is to find the vulnerable opponent's positions, remove them from equilibrium, and create the maximum number of "fires" in his life, thus changing the status quo.

Author: Julia Kolesnik, Senior copywriter of BBDO Ukraine, 11 years experience in advertising

Brands communicate with people. And brands are also built by people. For some reason, these people usually communicate with each other using stories, but on behalf of the brand they start to write formalistic "in a due to...". 

Author: Lyubov Tsymbal, CEO of “ Finance Solutions Group ” Company

To be financially literate today is not only important, but also prestigious. After all, the correct management of finances is the right key to the financial well-being

Author: Petro Synegub, the owner of 14 successful and evolving businesses in Ukraine and other world`s countries, founder of Business Academy 4SMART

One of the most important conditions for the business development is the owner’s departure from the operational management. It is logical, because this is how he returns to his original tasks: he builds a strategy, sets the vision of the entire company and generates common goals.

Author: Serhiy Silchenko, ILF partner, Head of Labor and Tax Legal Practice, Head of Labor Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association, PhD in Law

After a long moratorium on inspections, employers are facing hard times. Attempts to bring a significant part of the labor market out of the shadow, the fight against informal labor relations, and the desire to legalize employee incomes – those are but some of the reasons for changing rules of labor inspections.

Author: Denys Maistrenko, Partner, Pavlenko Legal Group, specializes in corporate law / M&A

With the entry into force of the Draft Law 2302a-d Ukrainian business has obtained welcome and positively "new" mechanisms of corporate governance which are very lively discussed by legal market for last three years. Among the new mechanisms of corporate governance there are mechanisms of the enforced sale and purchase of shares – "squeeze-out" (enforced purchase) and "sell-out" (enforced sale).

Participation in tenders through ProZorro system of e-procurements in particular has significantly simplified and optimized processes for companies-suppliers. Due to the new procurement format, it has become easier to track newly announced tenders and submit tender offers. System provides opportunity not to miss anything important: you will receive notifications about any kind of changes made to the procurement, thus the supplier is always aware of what amendments are required.

Systematic approach, aiming at high and predictable results can significantly improve business and motivate your employees. This holistic approach can be an effective tool if your business faced a crisis of productivity.

Author: Andrii Kyshchynskyi, 18 years of experience in sales, personnel management, former Director of Sales Department

Many salesperson are afraid of objections and instead of handling them, they just let clients go. It is important to understand, that a real valid objection is a very strong buying signal. But how to differentiate between a valid objection and objection which sounds “no”?

Author: Olga Pestretsova-Blotska, Executive Officer of consulting company “Center of Business Technologies TOT”, PhD in Business Economics

Risk management under uncertainty is a combination of strategic and operational levels of decision making, integration of mathematics, logic, psychology and intuition.

Author: Alina Adamenko certified MBTI consultant-practitioner, certified CPBA/CPMA (DISC tools) specialist, certified EQ specialist, coach

In order for any changes to pass smoothly it`s important to analyze what is called “force field of changes” – determine and evaluate driving forces that support changes and resistance forces. Those can be people, resources, system, processes, market etc.


Author: Liliya Moroz, International Business Trainer, Tearay Ukraine

In the business community and within our professional activity webinar format of interaction is gaining popularity increasingly. The success of the webinar depends on effective application of its main components.

Автор: Ірина Богданова, сертифікований бізнес-тренер, консультант, 8 років досвіду у консалтингу та продажах

Кожен день ми переживаємо безліч різних емоцій: радість, страх, смуток, ніжність, злість, щастя, недовіру, захоплення, заздрість і багато інших. І якщо почуттями зі знаком «+» хочеться насолоджуватися якомога довше, то негативних гостей краще випроваджувати якомога швидше. Насправді, ви можете зробити так, щоб не емоції управляли вами, а ви - ними.

Автор: Олена Рубанець, бізнес-тренер, коуч (ICC, CIPD), фасилітатор (ToP Facilitator Master), понад 8 років досвіду роботи керівником HR напрямків у вітчизняних та міжнародних компаніях в Україні та за кордоном

Більш ніж 2400 років тому Лао-Цзи, один з найвизначніших китайських філософів, який жив у часи династії Чжоу, дав прекрасне визначення фасилітативного лідера, сказавши наступне: «Найкращим лідером є той, про існування якого люди ледве здогадуються. Мудрий лідер говорить мало, і коли роботу зроблено та мета досягнута, всі інші будуть казати: «Ми зробили це самі».

Author: Svitlana Nemyria, CEO SHL Ukraine, PhD, Certified coach at CCU, AMA, MDI, EBA HR Committee Board member for 2017

Selling process includes contact with different buyers on clients side. And it’s crucial to identify buyers who help to drive the buying decision forward. CEB latest research “The Challenger Customer” reveals that being a Challenger seller isn’t enough, the success or failure also depends on who is getting challenged within customer organisation.


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