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Articles and Recommendations

Each month we conduct plenty of educational events. But sometimes there’s no time to attend all of them, and presentations are not full of useful and practical information.

In this section you may find articles from experts that come out on the EBA Education platform.

We do hope that their advice and experience in a wide range of topics would be useful for you, in order to achieve more success in your business and work, open new heights.

Author: Denys Maistrenko, Partner, Pavlenko Legal Group, specializes in corporate law / M&A

With the entry into force of the Draft Law 2302a-d Ukrainian business has obtained welcome and positively "new" mechanisms of corporate governance which are very lively discussed by legal market for last three years. Among the new mechanisms of corporate governance there are mechanisms of the enforced sale and purchase of shares – "squeeze-out" (enforced purchase) and "sell-out" (enforced sale).

Business has earned more than 100 billion UAH in procurements with the State via e-procurements ProZorro system. For more than a year of operation the number of participants who participated in tenders has already reached 50 thousand. This system, where in average more than 1 thousand of tenders are being announced per day – is a great opportunity to sell your goods, services and works to state entities.

Systematic approach, aiming at high and predictable results can significantly improve business and motivate your employees. This holistic approach can be an effective tool if your business faced a crisis of productivity.

Author: Andrii Kyshchynskyi, 18 years of experience in sales, personnel management, former Director of Sales Department

Many salesperson are afraid of objections and instead of handling them, they just let clients go. It is important to understand, that a real valid objection is a very strong buying signal. But how to differentiate between a valid objection and objection which sounds “no”?

Author: Olga Pestretsova-Blotska, Executive Officer of consulting company “Center of Business Technologies TOT”, PhD in Business Economics

When we talk about risks, we can be fatalists, pessimists, fanatics or pragmatics. Every person has its own "personal" attitude to this phenomenon. This attitude today determines our actions and decisions related to the future both – our private and professional, connected to business.

Author: Alina Adamenko certified MBTI consultant-practitioner, certified CPBA/CPMA (DISC tools) specialist, certified EQ specialist, coach

The first question that should be answered before launching any change project is “why now?” Why the issue has become so essential that you (or your organization) decided to act? Moreover, do key employees share your ideas and understanding of the situation?

Author: Liliya Moroz, International Business Trainer, Tearay Ukraine

In the business community and within our professional activity webinar format of interaction is gaining popularity increasingly. The success of the webinar depends on effective application of its main components.

Автор: Ірина Богданова, сертифікований бізнес-тренер, консультант, 8 років досвіду у консалтингу та продажах

Кожен день ми переживаємо безліч різних емоцій: радість, страх, смуток, ніжність, злість, щастя, недовіру, захоплення, заздрість і багато інших. І якщо почуттями зі знаком «+» хочеться насолоджуватися якомога довше, то негативних гостей краще випроваджувати якомога швидше. Насправді, ви можете зробити так, щоб не емоції управляли вами, а ви - ними.

Автор: Олена Рубанець, бізнес-тренер, коуч (ICC, CIPD), фасилітатор (ToP Facilitator Master), понад 8 років досвіду роботи керівником HR напрямків у вітчизняних та міжнародних компаніях в Україні та за кордоном

Більш ніж 2400 років тому Лао-Цзи, один з найвизначніших китайських філософів, який жив у часи династії Чжоу, дав прекрасне визначення фасилітативного лідера, сказавши наступне: «Найкращим лідером є той, про існування якого люди ледве здогадуються. Мудрий лідер говорить мало, і коли роботу зроблено та мета досягнута, всі інші будуть казати: «Ми зробили це самі».

Author: Svitlana Nemyria, CEO SHL Ukraine, PhD, Certified coach at CCU, AMA, MDI, EBA HR Committee Board member for 2017

Selling process includes contact with different buyers on clients side. And it’s crucial to identify buyers who help to drive the buying decision forward. CEB latest research “The Challenger Customer” reveals that being a Challenger seller isn’t enough, the success or failure also depends on who is getting challenged within customer organisation.

Author: Tadeyeva Nataliya, Director of Accace Ukraine. More than 5 years of experience as an auditor in "Big 4", financial management in a manufacturing enterprise

Efficiency audit increasingly becomes a part of the company’s daily life because the procedures are able to point out where the funds are spent and whether it brought a desired result. A use of the performance indicators make able us to track the patterns of connections between specific types of costs and achievement of goals. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to begin with a efficiency audit for the "back office" processes, as often they carry a greater threat on the inefficiency costs.

Author: Sergiy Glushchenko, co-founder of AB Marketing, coach, from 2010 till 2014 First Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport

A brand is not a goal, but a tool of achieving a goal. Is it enough to have "instructions on creating a brand" at hand? Definitely not. A brand is you, whether you are dull, gray, undeveloped or cheerful, bright, "hungry for life", generously giving to the world and people what you have accumulated, mastered, learned, invented, created - your brand is the exact reflection of you.

Автор: Ірина Філіппова, директор з розвитку бізнесу та комунікацій компанії Грант Торнтон (Україна), автор книги  "Париж у подарунковій упаковці. Поради дружини Його Ясновельможності"

И действительно – что такое этикет? Некий свод условностей, правил и  ограничений, которые люди по-на-придумывали на свою собственную голову в ходе эволюции человечества. Та самая «этикетка», которая навешивается на близкого и понятного «своего» - грамотного, воспитанного человека, который руководствуется в жизни теми же правилами и нормами что и вы,  и так же  само-ограничивает свою свободу в угоду обществу и окружающим людям.

Author: Oksana Ferchuk, Oksana Ferchuk, Head of service Vchasno

Are you aware of the fact that 70% of the workflow costs can be saved if to replace paper documents with electronic ones? Do you know that digital business processes reduce opportunities for corruption inside the company and on the part of inspectors? And it is a matter of a few days to move the company to electronic workflow.

Author: Anastasia Borko, founder of “Room №10533”, specialist in digital design, business trainer

When news feeds are overwhelmed with data and you are  very short of time for processing it, only that very information is perceived efficiently which allows you to understand the gist of the issue quickly and easily. Visual information, which corresponds to the trend «be simple and clear», is precisely embodied in infographics.

Author: Julia Kolesnik, Senior copywriter of BBDO Ukraine, 11 years’ experience in advertising

There are people behind any brand. And there are people in front of brands. Somehow, face to face they usually speak as human-beings, but when they are trying to communicate as a brand and TA we see only "Dear customers...".  Let us decide once and for all. We want our brand to be heard and loved, don’t we? So let us talk as humans.

Author: Iryna Bogdanova, sales director, leading consultant and trainer

Nowadays many people spend most of their time on the move. They strive for achieving ambitious goals and rapid development. Living in such pace, it is becoming more difficult to deal with emotions, not to mention realizing and control of other people emotions.

Author: Denys Ovcharov, the Partner of Juscutum Attorneys Association, the Head of the largest Ukrainian business security practice, and the coach of the National Police of Ukraine

AND TODAY WE HAVE ... THE SEARCH! Being engaged in business security, our lawyers constantly take part in searches and interrogations. Companies from various sectors: IT, agriculture, retail, etc. are pressurized by law enforcement authorities.

Anna Pomeshkina, Director of Translation Agency “ALBA” since 2014, professional translator & interpreter (English, German, Italian), more than 10 years of experience in highly-specialized technical translations

Olesia Dzioma, Translator/Editor at Translation Agency “ALBA”, 8 years of experience in translation & interpreting industry (English, French)

Have you noticed that the world seems much smaller these days: the Internet has turned borders into something conditional, e-commerce has changed the way to do business and expanded its horizons? This is why it takes a lot of effort to build and conquer your own little niche in actual and cyberspace.

Author: Tsymbal Lyubov, director of “Finance Solution Group”

In a modern competetive world in order to keep leading positions it's necessary to be a universal specialist and be able to adapt quickly to permanent changes. The Scope of Finance is a practical science, not every person can be a financial expert. But understanding and ownership of basic financial knowledge are valuable to the company's development, capacity and adoption of its position in a competitive business environment.


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