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LLC “Agroprodukt-Kherson” was established on 23rd of June 2005 in Kherson, Ukraine as a subsidiary of Global Gida company which is operating in Turkey and overseas.

Owners and shareholders of LLC “Agroprodukt-Kherson” and “Global Gida” are family of Ozturk represented by Nihat Ozturk and Suat Ozturk.

Global Gida supplies the Turkish market with wheat bran pellets through its subsidiary LLC “Agroproduct-Kherson” and expands to brand new capacities production of animal feed of extended range for international and Ukrainian markets launching in January 2019 in Kherson.

In order to provide larger volume of trade operations in Ukraine and exports, Ozturk family established trading company “FeedEx” LLC and “FeedTech” LLC.

Main company of Ozturk family “Global Gida” was founded in Istanbul in 2006 on the idea of providing agricultural commodities and by-products to Turkish buyers. “Global Gida” is in cooperation with reliable suppliers from Europe, Ukraine and the US. In a short span of time the company has become one of the largest corn dried distillers grain and corn gluten feed providers in Turkey. A substantial amount of corn DDGS and corn gluten feed are shipped by barge, vessel, rail to the Turkish domestic market by “Global Gida”.

Today “Global Gida” operates international procurement, logistics and forwarding operations of the feedstuff primarily through its wholly owned subsidiary, “Commodity Service” Ltd, which is a trading company headquartered in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In 2010 Mr. Nihat Ozturk established the company “Rasyonel Tarım” the only total mixed ration (TMR) center in Kirklareli, Turkey where Mr. Nihat serves as the board member.

Company sells TMR and corn silage in plastic wrapped bags / bulk to dairy and beef farms with 100.000 mt/year of production capacity with annual turnover is 15.000.000 €. Main forage used in own TMR is corn silage. Company has 50.000 mt of usage & storage capacity of corn silage in the silage bulks. Besides this, company wraps corn silage for selling and using. “Rasyonel Tarım” company has a special team controls all the fields and give recommendations to the farmers from planting to harvesting and they make decision the time of harvesting according to dry matter content of silage.

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