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Digital Friend

Наша сама дружня ечівка для компаній, котрі беруть участь в EBA Digital Friends Movement. Разом, з такою потужною спільнотою, ми досягнемо нових висот!

TMM-Ukraine has been one of the front-runners in indoor marketing. Working from the insight that music, image and scent optimize the shopping experience, our enthusiastic team has been developing innovative multi media solutions.

Our principal fields of activity encompass:
music ambiance and video-signage of supermarkets, shopping malls and entertainment centers, shops, gas-filling stations and restaurants in Ukraine;
placement of audio and video advertisement in shopping malls, entertainment centers, supermarkets, restaurants and at gas-filling stations;
creation and recording of audio tracks and video clips;
legal certainty and protection in the field of copyright and related rights.

Our mission: to stimulate an integrated instore experience, so your happy customers keep on coming back.
Our experienced team will develop for you a tailored complex ambience solution. We will not only select music and scents for your business, but we will also arrange an advertisement campaign including creative clips destined to catch consumers’ eye. Our experts will do their best to ensure that sound and scent ambience, video-signage and indoor-advertisement in your premises work for you, increase visibility and profit of your company. It is not that we just make your business sound – we are creating an image for it. If you like to distinguish your business out of competitors – come to us, and results will follow soon!

Since 2020, the company has become the owner of music catalogs with more than 1 million tracks.

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