EBA Odesa Psychology in Effect

  • Course start: 15/01/2020
  • Fee for EBA members:For EBA Members 400 UAH per meeting and 2000 UAH per course (1 session as a gift). For others 500 UAH per meeting and 3000 UAH per course (1 session as a gift).
  • Place: 4A, Topolskogo lane, office 126, Odesa

To understand the psychological nature of business, it is important  to understand not only the essence of business and its varieties, but also find out, who creates, organizes, directs and implements business. All people in some way are similar to each other. While each one carries something that makes him unique, exceptional, a person with an individuality. Such unique person enters the organization, performs specific work and plays a special role in it, such person needs to be controlled, engaged in solving the tasks of the organization by creating the necessary conditions for successful work, interaction with the organizational environment and solving their own life problems. 

The project EBA Odesa Psychology in Effect we will consider the main motives and psychotypes of people around us (colleagues, leader), rules of building communication with them, a life scenario and consequences to which it leads (success / failure / new experience) a person, a team, a company in the whole. Together we will look for answers: Is the crisis of management connected to age-related personal crises? How do internal conflicts of personality emerge themselves in conflicts at work? Who are the leaders and how they become?

Just a few rules: 

  • The Program consist of 6 meetings, frequence once a month; 
  • Durationof sessions is 3 hours (from 15:00 to 18:00); 
  • Registrationfor each meeting is obligatory;
  • The working language of the course is Russian.

Speaker of the Project:

Natalia Yurhanova, EBA Odesa HR HUB Chairman, HR-Director at STALKANAT-SILUR


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Nataliya Yurhanova
"Strategies for Change" founder, consultant for modeling of business processes, organizational structures and implementation of changes in companies, business psychologist, psychotherapist
Nataliya Yurhanova

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