EBA Odesa Psychology in Effect

16/ 05/ 2019


EBA Southern Ukrainian Office started the new project EBA Odesa Psychology in Effect. The program includes 6 meetings, once a month. During this time, we will consider the main motives and psychotypes of people around them (colleagues, leader), the rules for building communication with them, the life scenario and the consequences to which it leads (to success / failure / new experience), man,  team, company as a whole. Together we will look for answers to the question: Does the crisis of management associate with age-related personal crises? How do internal personal conflicts manifest themselves in conflicts at work? Who are the leaders and how do they  become?

So, on May 16 at the first meeting, we, together with Nataliia Yurhanova considered need, motive and motivation. The most significant, basic needs determine the direction of the entire human psyche – its feelings, thinking, freedom and sensory systems. On the behavior’s background, which is defined by commonly understood traditions and habits, behavior with a motive stands out as something special and attracts attention. Interesting, isn’t  it?

Participants analyzed:

  • the needs, abilities and tendencies of the individual;
  • the essence and types of motives;
  • motivation (as a phenomenon and a psychic essence);
  • Meta-programs (Orientation of motivation and style of reactions).

EBA Odesa wishes you to identify your needs, motives and implement everything as soon as possible. We are waiting for you at the next meeting!


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Nataliya Yurhanova
Business psychologist, psychotherapist (EOT method). Expert and process consulting.
Nataliya Yurhanova

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