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Warconomic Talks with Ella Libanova. What is the new Ukrainian society?

The full-scale war is a huge upheaval for Ukrainian society, which triggered social, demographic, and value changes in Ukrainians. On September 14, we talked about the scope and consequences of the impact of such inevitable changes, as well as about Ukrainian education and science, during the meeting of the European Business Association with professor Ella Libanova

Mrs. Libanova shared with the participants of the meeting her thoughts on the current situation with migration from Ukraine. Thus, in her opinion, the announced figures regarding the number of Ukrainians who were forced to leave abroad may be somewhat overestimated and may actually amount to about 1.5 million people. Of them, there are about half a million schoolchildren, whom Ms. Libanova advises to combine offline education abroad and online in Ukraine in order to have the opportunity to socialize, but also to maintain a connection with their homeland.

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