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grc.ua is the biggest alliance of online recruitment projects of eight countries in the Northern and Eastern Europe with almost ten years of history. In 2008 the revenue of the Group exceeded 30 million dollars. A major project of the Group – international career site grc.ua with a daily audience above 250 thousand people. A unique benefit to the employers – a four million resume database presenting professionals from various countries.

grc.ua in Ukraine is the only career site specifically for people with complete or ongoing higher education holding middle and top positions in companies. It is the biggest national database of “white collars”. And every of 160 thousand resumes has been checked by our expert.

grc.ua attracts the most educated and experienced candidates. 90% of them have a complete higher education. More than a half (63%) seek jobs with a salary over 9 thousand hrivna (appr. 1 100 USD), and almost a quarter (23%) report a free command of English.

About 1 000 online search inquiries associated with grc.ua brand users make daily, what tells of the outstanding brand recognition. grc.ua created an intellectual career brand attracting best of the best candidates.

In 2008 году the revenue of Ukrainian grc.ua grew three times compared to 2007 confirming a high efficiency of the service to the clients. According to grc.ua poll in March 2009, over 70% of clients believe that candidates’ responses are more relevant than on other job boards in Ukraine.

grc.ua introduces innovative tools. Clients receive an access to their own mini-CRM on grc.ua allowing a clear structure for working with job postings and resumes and providing not only candidate search, but also their initial selection.

grc.ua is more than just a high quality personnel search tool. It’s a philosophy of open communication between candidates and employers. For HR specialists – also an opportunity to take part in raising awareness on employment and career issues through Planet HR project and broaden job market analysis with grc.ua research.

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