Business does not feel the change at the customs

11/ 03/ 2019

The value of Customs Index remaines at the level of the previous period and amounts to 2.92 points on the 5-point scale in the second half of 2018. Therefore, the Index remains in the negative area.

According to the survey, 35.6% of customs experts believe that corruption in the customs authorities remains at the same level. Assessing the quality of customs services and the professionalism of officers, the opinions of experts were divided. Thus, 42.6% of the respondents are more likely or completely satisfied with the quality of customs services, while 40.2% were dissatisfied.

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According to the comments, most difficulties during the customs clearance in the second half of 2018 was caused by an imperfect system of phytosanitary, radiological control, and, in particular, burdensome control of goods in wooden containers. In addition, business complained about delays in the process of customs clearance, unreasonable requests for additional documents.

Since February 2018, the use of the “Single Window” system has become mandatory when importing goods. The survey showed that 54.1% of the experts were satisfied with the work of the Single Window system and noted the simplification and acceleration of customs formalities. In the previous period, there were only 37.7%. At the same time, 16% of dissatisfied respondents remain, so elimination of defects and establishment of more effective system work remains an urgent issue.

Anna Derevyanko Executive Director of the European Business Association
The results of the survey show a selective improvement in the moods of specialists interacting with the customs authorities. However, business expectations from reforms are ahead of the speed of their implementation, but this is not enough for a comprehensive improvement of the situation. Take for instance unforeseen delays (more than 4 hours) in the customs procedures - this is unacceptable as it threatens the long-term planning of economic activity of companies. Business is in anticipation of change. We hope that upon the completion of the reorganization of the State Fiscal Service, the quality of communication between supervisors and the speed of changes in customs authorities will increase significantly.

For your information:

The European Business Association has been conducting Customs Index since 2010. 

The survey contains 3 blocks – corruption, quality of customs procedures, functioning of “Single window” system.

Index is measured semiannually, for the calculations we use a Likert scale which has 5 gradations. For that scale, 1 is very negative, 5 is very positive, and 3 is neutral.

The survey was held during January-February 2019, 90 customs experts from EBA member-companies took part in survey. 

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