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Conference: “Finance for Business in Wartime”

The conference «Finance for Business in Wartime» is a joint event organized by the European Business Association and the Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine, with the support of international donors – the USAID Investment for Business Resilience Activity (formerly USAID Financial Sector Reform Activity) and IFC’s Asset Based Finance Project, implemented in partnership with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). Among the speakers are government officials, international experts, representatives of banks, international donors, and businesses from various industries interested in increasing access to financial instruments in times of war.

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The Program of the Conference

1:50 Welcome Remarks

21:18 І. Panel Discussion: Regulatory Environment and Regional Risk Mitigation Tools as Catalysts for Business Financing in Ukraine

Topics for discussion:

  • Regulatory environment, legal framework and planned legislative/regulatory changes
  • Investment insurance mechanisms and war-related risk insurance instruments
  • Obstacles and constraints in wartime and in the prospects of post-war recovery
  • Current needs of businesses. Availability of financial services for businesses in the context of recovery

2:28:54 IІ. Panel Discussion: Lending to Businesses in Wartime

Topics for discussion:

  • Available financial service market offers regarding financing recovery projects
  • Needs of businesses for loan and grant products
  • Grants and other instruments of financial support for businesses
  • State 5-7-9% program and amendments to it
  • Focus on green recovery: how ESG implementation impacts financing of businesses

3:17:35 Presentation: The World of Factoring, Receivables Finance and FCI Overview of the Industry Worldwide

4:13:32 III. Panel Discussion: Factoring Market in Ukraine: Current Situation and Prospects Topics for discussion:

  • Factoring. Market situation, regulation, and conditions for further development
  • Key steps for the development of factoring
  • Advantages of factoring for businesses
  • Initiatives being implemented to develop the factoring market in Ukraine
  • Project to develop a unified factoring platform
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