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Facts about Clinical Trials

Every year on May 20, the world celebrates International Clinical Trials Day. It is believed that on this day in 1747, James Lind, the Scottish marine physician, started the first controlled clinical trials of the modern era, as a result of which he cured 12 sailors and found out the treatment against scurvy.

The EBA Clinical Trials Subcommittee was established in 2009, and nowadays it unites 33 companies that are involved in the organization of most CTs in Ukraine (R&D pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and logistics service providers). The activities of the Subcommittee focus on harmonization and improvement of the regulatory framework for conducting clinical trials in Ukraine, including international ones. It also tackles regulatory issues, as well as raising public awareness of the development of the field of clinical trials in Ukraine.

On the occasion of International Clinical Trials Day, the Subcommittee prepared a special visual, a Facebook profile frame, and infographics that can be used and shared on social networks!

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