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EBA Dnipro Global Markets: Evolution and Impact of E-commerce on Modern European Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

The opportunities for accessing E-commerce (electronic commerce) contribute to attracting customers not only at the local level but also internationally. As a result, new markets are opening up for businesses, increasing the potential audience for goods and services. At the upcoming Global Markets project event with expert Alona Voznenko, we will discuss the development of E-commerce in the context of Europe—one of the world’s largest e-commerce markets. We will discuss the evolution of this sector, from its beginnings to its current state, as well as the following topics:

Development of E-commerce:

  • The history of E-commerce development.
  • Key factors influencing the development of E-commerce in Europe.

Key Players in European E-commerce:

  • Popular E-commerce companies and platforms.
  • Successful business models in use.

Regulation and Legislation:

  • Key legislative aspects of E-commerce in Europe.
  • Consumer rights protection measures.
  • The impact of GDPR on E-commerce.
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