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EBA Dnipro Best Business Practices: Actionable solutions and conclusions after 6 months of war. Сase BDO in Ukraine

Despite of the war, which has been going on for almost 7 months, Ukrainian business is trying to maintain its position. We are happy to see that many member organizations of the European Business Association have accepted the challenges of this extremely difficult time and trying to support the economy, quickly adapted processes for protecting their employees and providing services to customers.

In continuation of the beloved EBA Dnipro Best Business Practices project in online format, we met with Vira Savchenko, CEO of BDO in Ukraine. As every Ukrainian company, BDO in Ukraine had no pre-prepared plan or instructions how to act in this crisis situation. Therefore, it was the flexibility of management and transformation at all strategically important levels that helped to protect the team from layoffs and wage cuts and even create new jobs while paying taxes to the budget of Ukraine.

📽 Watch the video and learn about the experience and conclusions of the BDO in Ukraine after 6 months of war, as well as find answers to current questions:

💠 Why is it so important to keep in touch with the team, be open and keep calm and optimistic in the team? 💠 New opportunities for employees in Ukraine, involvement in projects abroad (BDO in Ukraine experience). 💠 Expanding the portfolio of services and creating new jobs for Ukrainians. 💠 Why is it so important for Ukrainian companies to work for the Ukrainian economy? 💠 Problems of double taxation in EU countries and their consequences. 💠 How to stimulate people to return home?

💙💛 We are sincerely grateful to Vera Savchenko for an interesting meeting, as well as many insights that will be useful to other companies.

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