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We connect the changemakers and like-minded leaders


The European Business Association is the largest association of business in Ukraine.


The member companies individually represent their country of origin but all we have a passion to make Ukraine a better place for doing business.


Relationship with the Government and the EBA members is defined by shared values and the constant strive for excellence.

Advantages of membership

Protect your company interests
Get a high-quality advisor
Accelerate your relations with the Government
Tell business community about yourself
Meet right people in a right place
Expand your connections in Ukraine
Enrich your lifestyle
Develop professional talents in your company

How to join Association?

Please complete 4 easy steps


Online Form

Fill in the Application Form. We take care of data retention and information security, so please print the form and send it with a stamp and a signature via e-mail


Reference Letter

Send us a reference letter from EBA member-company. The reference should be printed on the company's blank and verified with a signature and a stamp


Certificate of registration

Send us a copy of the certificate of state registration of the enterprise



Pay the entrance fee. After joining the Association, each company pays an annual membership fee


Please, introduce yourself


Tell us more about your company


Tell us about Head of your company


How we and world can find your Company?

Please, read and confirm your agreement with European Business Association's standards and rules:

You can opt out at any time. In order to exercise this right, please contact us via e-mail:

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Country of origin of company
How many employees in your company in Ukraine offece(s)?
Manufacturing facilities (plants, factories) are located in
How many employees work in your company all around the world(including Ukraine)?
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Membership fees

Number of employees worldwide Entrance fee Membership fee (January - December 2019)
less than 40 750 EUR 850 EUR
more than 40 1400 EUR 1600 EUR
Please note that company should:

1. Provide all documents
2. Pay both entry and membership fees
3. Be approved by EBA Board

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