Online-Development Programme on Conflict Solving

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About the Programme

Conflicts in business have two variants of consequences: positive and negative. Without skill of its management they can lead to dangerous and negative results that ruin relations in team or between client and contributor, infringe the possibility to bring creativity and productivity at work, as well as lead to financial losses. Positive results in conflict situations may be only in case when you understand the conflict nature and can solve it effectively.

EBA Management Development Centre together with DEVELOR Ukraine launch new Online-Development Programme on Conflict Solving. During modules of the Programme you will minimize the possibility of appearing in problematic situations. The two-day practical course will give participants instruments, techniques, conflict management theories that can make business results better in complicated and quick changing conditions of the modern market, understand peculiarities of effective communication maintenance.

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive the certificate of completion.


  • Look through dubious statements
  • Understand what phases of conflict there are on stages, their methods of solving
  • Get to know in which situations manipulation is used against you and how to counteract
  • Use knowledge you get on practice


  • Those who have experience of appearing in conflict situations
  • Those who can define manipulations and are willing to systemize their experience and understand how not to step on a rake


Module 1.1. Introduction in conflict management, grouping, reasons and stages – July 16th

  • Dubious statements
  • Personal experience in conflicts
  • Conflicts grouping: conflict components and matter
  • Reasons: stereotypes, meaning, competition, communication
  • Result: constructive and destructive variants of action
  • Conflict stages

Module 1.2. Styles of conflict solving – July 16th

  • Competition
  • Аdaptation
  • Prevention
  • Searching for compromise
  • Problem solving
  • Moment before conflict solving: IRON instrument of analysis, «eruption» of the problem
  • During solving: CURBS, communication of emotions, active listening
  • Action plan and its inheritance
  • Situational actions and cases

Module 2.1. Rules of effective communicationJuly 17th

  • Communication purpose and key messages
  • Methods of speaking strictly, shortly and clearly
  • Asserted communication: self-understanding and self-control. Basic model of communication, transaction
  • Ego-states
  • Assterted communication techniques: «me»-confirmation
  • Basics of nonviolent communication

Module 2.2. Manipulation: determination and counteraction – July 17th

  • Manipulation determination
  • How to recognize manipulation and it techniques
  • Methods of opposition
  • Emotional intelligence: kinds of feedback, models overview
  • Practical cases
  • Сonclusion and summing up
  • Personal liabilities


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Oksana Yuryk
Senior Business-Trainer, Consultant and Coach DEVELOR UKRAINE, mental health in organizations consultant, 15+ years of management experience and 10+ years of training experience
Oksana Yuryk


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