Development Programme on Administrative Skills for Smart Business

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About the Programme

Modern life presupposes a rapidly changing business environment where the proper and reliable administration of business processes becomes really important as well as professional staff adaptation to these changes since the employees of the companies need to be prepared  for challenges related to globalization, technological innovations, changes in working methods and styles. In this regard, the success of each company depends not only on a well-established corporate culture, but also on the staff who successfully manages and implements administrative skills, is able to plan their work efficiently, organize their work properly and find extraordinary solutions to any problem.

Taking into consideration the importance of the administrative skills in the company’s life it is important to have all necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to make business more effective and rational. Aimed at achieving this goal Management Development Centre team is launching a brand new Development Programme on Administrative Skills for Smart Business which provides participants with the necessary intellectual stimulus, leads to qualitative activity standards and professional recognition, teaches to act, taking into account high ethical standards and enhances personal and company’s efficiency. Having successfully finished the development programme, the participants will receive certificate of completion.  


  • Understand the importance of administrative skills in a company
  • Gain new and improve existing knowledge and skills in effective communication, business etiquette, planning and managing, time-management, EQ
  • Upgrade the level of business communication
  • Increase own and company’s effectiveness


  • Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Company secretaries
  • Administrative managers
  • Heads of administrative/HR departments
  • HR-Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Business owners

MODULE 1: Planning a Working Day – 21 January 

Trainer: Julia Boyko, senior business coach of BogushTime.

  1. The reasons for the lack of time for all daily tasks
  2. The main constituents of an effective planning system
  3. How to make a task plan for the day correctly and fulfil it
  4. How to sum up the results of the day correctly
  5. How to analyze mistakes correctly
  6. How to plan a new day for optimal productivity
  7. How to cope with force majeure and multitasking

 You will learn how to plan your day efficiently, optimize your work, cope with distractions and fulfill the plan for all daily tasks.

MODULE 2: Cross-cultural differences in modern international business interactions. Business negotiation etiquette – 28 January (18:30 – 21:30)

Trainer: Farid Safarov,diplomat, lecturer of international law, etiquette, protocol, civil servant, head of expert group on digital infrastructure on transport, in past founder and the executive director of Moresise Bank (in December 2015, this bank was among top 100 of the financial and technological start-ups in Europe and in TOP- 17 of the most perspective Fintech companies of Central and Eastern Europe), is a member of the Ukrainian Debate Federation, a finalist of the International Oxford Debate Tournament, a finalist of the National Round of the International Juridical Competition in law of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

  1. Essential rules of negotiation
  2. Types and functions of the negotiations
  3. Business сommunication: in person, in print, online
  4. Business meeting and negotiation etiquette
  5. The influence of national culture on negotiating style
  6. Business communication with representatives of European countries
  7. Business negotiating with representatives of Asian countries (Japan, China)
  8. Business negotiating with representatives of Muslim countries
  9. Business negotiating with representatives of the countries of North and South America

MODULE 3: Dress to express: how to be yourself and work for company image – 04 February

Trainer, Anna Danevych, personal and corporate style consultant, CEO and co-founder of  the style studio and concept-store SENZA/NOME

  1. The philosophy of modern fashion and the concept of personal style
  2. Business dress code: we dispel myths scatter myths and fight against the stereotypes
  3. Dress communication as a modern means of non-verbal communication
  4. Corporate vs personal: how to keep personal style in a corporate environment and how to integrate your own stylish message into the context of corporate style
  5. One for all: how the appearance of each team member works for the company’s overall image
  6. Functional wardrobe: how to look appropriate and original in all circumstances and how to make your appearance a self expression tool
  7. How to combine different elements of the wardrobe to create different images that are suitable for work in the office and emphasize the images with the help of hair and / or appropriate make-up
  8. What to do and what to avoid in order to be perceived properly in the professional environment, and so that they can work to create a positive image of the company

MODULE 4: Documents, Meetings& Events Organization – 11 February

Trainer: Iryna Muraviova, Executive Assistant to General Director, Miratech, has over 13 years of experience in business administration and event management, holds a Master Degree in applied mathematics and a graduate of PMD program “Operation Efficiency” of International Management Institute in Kyiv

  1. Document management. What is important to know when working with official documents. How to organize information storage
  2. Business correspondence. How to avoid mistakes
  3. Organization of meetings. How to make a meeting more effective
  4. Event management. Where to start and what to pay attention
  5. Travel arrangement. Planning and some lifehacks how to optimize a budget

 MODULE 5: The role of EQ for effective relations in business – 18 February 

Trainers: Iryna Glushchenkova, Certified business trainer, author of variety of educational programmes in English, Ukrainian and Russian

Svitlana Savchuk, сertified business trainer

  1. The EQ model. IQ vs  EQ. EQ in business
  2. EQ in managing contatcts and relations. What is the pay off for those who have a high level of development of social awareness: in management, negotiations, relations
  3. Competences of self-awareness and self-control. The development of emotional stability: what does it start from?
  4. Team culture: resonance and disonance.

MODULE 6: Business Etiquette – 25 February 

Trainer: Ganna Chaplygina, behavior modeling consultant. Author of articles for “Ukrayinska Pravda. Zhyttia” and «Osvitoria” editions. She had five-year experience of business communication with politicians while working for “Ukrayinska Pravda” edition and worked more than four years in television as a reality show director.

  1. Goals and targets of self-presentation in the business context
  2. Verbal and nonverbal tools of communication
  3. Preparing a meeting: digital etiquette
  4. Welcoming quests: creating best visitor experience
  5. Dos and don’ts of meeting etiquette
  6. Organizing catering and servicing during meetings and negotiations
  7. Dealing with unexpected behavior problems in the business context

 MODULE 7: Travel Management: What You Need to Know – 4 March 

Trainers: Maryna Khomenko, Commercial Representative of the Air France KLM in Ukraine and Belarus, more than 10 years experience in the civil aviation industry, active B2B cooperation, MBA degree.

Olga Bochkovska, Head of Corporate Department, BCD Travel Ukraine

  1. Why we need to manage business travel 
  2. How to set up a managed travel
  3. Lowest available is not always the best 
  4. Advantages of corporate and individual reward programs 
  5. How to deal with irregularities on the road 


1 / 9
Yulia Boiko
senior business trainer of BogushTime
Farid Safarov
diplomat, teacher of international law, etiquette, protocol, civil servant, head of expert group on digital infrastructure on transport
Anna Danevych
personal and corporate style consultant, CEO and co-founder of the style studio and concept-store SENZA/NOME
Iryna Muraviova
Executive Assistant to General Director, Miratech
Iryna Glushchenkova
Certified business trainer, author of variety of educational programmes in English, Ukrainian and Russian
Svitlana Savchuk
Certified business trainer
Anna Chaplygina
a specialist in etiquette and behavior modeling, collaborated with Newsfront PR Agency, GlobalLogic, OLX, Nielsen, “1 + 1” and others, director, journalist, author of articles for "Novoie vremia", mind.ua, Vector, LABA, etc.
Maryna Khomenko
commercial representative of the Air France KLM Airlines Group in Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus
Olga Bochkovska
Head of Corporate Department
Yulia Boiko
Farid Safarov
Anna Danevych
Iryna Muraviova
Iryna Glushchenkova
Svitlana Savchuk
Anna Chaplygina
Maryna Khomenko
Olga Bochkovska

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