Happiness Barometer in Ukraine

03/ 04/ 2018

Why talented specialists leave ukraine seeking for better opportunities abroad? Why 5 million ukrainians are working abroad? What can we do to keep talents within the country? Deficit of professionals in both corporate and industrial sectors, migration, instability on the labor market – all these factors reflect much modern reality in ukraine.

That is why we decided to find the reasons for such a problem as well as to think of possible solutions. Our new research project – HAPPINESS BAROMETER – is focused on business and real everyday practical activity without political slogans.

Due to our calculations index rate is 2,47 points of possible 5 (Likert scale).

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We asked 683 respondents (internet audience) about their vision of life in Ukraine.

Key factors:

  1. income level
  2. current job
  3. health care system
  4. education system
  5. leisure / social life
  6. security & safety
  7. human rights
  8. ecology
  9. general life experience

Weighs we used for calculations:

Region: Kyiv – 70% of respondents.

Age: 26 – 40 years old – 60% of respondents.

Audience: office workers of all levels – over 40% of respondents.

Higher points:

  • 3,29 points – current job
  • 3,09 points – leisure / social life
  • 2,68 points – life experience
  • 2,51 points – education system

Lower points:

  • 2,29 points – income level
  • 2,26 points – ecology
  • 2,20 points – human rights
  • 2,04 points – health care
  • 1,90 points – security & safety

Key figures:

  • The vast majority of respondents are more or less satisfied with their current job
    & work-life balance – 56% of respondents
  • 34% of respondents agreed that the level of their income is sufficient and 44% think that it’s not quite sufficient
  • 48% of respondents think that our health care system is poor and 26% consider it as strongly unsatisfactory
  • Education in Ukraine: 41% think that it is poor and 35% pointed that it is satisfactory
  • Safety & security: poor – 46%, strongly unsatisfactory – 34%
  • Rule of law & human rights: poor – 43%, strongly unsatisfactory – 24%

What to do:

Government: create conditions for better life – improve the legislation in terms of taxation (salaries), gaurantee the rule of law, safety and security (effective courts, police and army), continue health care reform, improve education syste pay attention to ecological situation and waste management etc

Business: guarantee social package and stimulate staff with smart salaries boosting and be transparent (once in several years, but considerable raise), develop informal education, pay attention to eldepeopl and involve them to the working process etc.

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