Woodworking and Furniture

07/ 11/ 2017

Representatives of the EBA Wood and Furniture Committee at the invitation of the World Bank Office participated in a roundtable devoted to the discussion of the draft Strategy for Sustainable Development and Institutional Reform of the Forest and Hunting Economy of Ukraine for the period up to 2022, developed by the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine with the participation of representatives of the Committee woodworking and furniture industry of the European Business Association.

During the roundtable, all participants had the opportunity to express their suggestions and comments to the project.

Among other things, the Strategy contains a number of sound principles on which its implementation should be based. Thus, state ownership of forests is considered as a national property that can not be privatized or granted by concession. We would like to draw your attention once again to the importance of preventing concessions in the forestry sector.

Details of the position of the Association regarding the transfer of forestry concessions can be found at the link – http://bit.ly/2uimByM

We are convinced that the Strategy is extremely necessary and should be aimed at including the rational and efficient use of forest resources, taking into account the actual objective market needs of raw materials and the interests of woodworking enterprises.

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