YOU: Coaching Programme for Ladies

25/ 04/ 2018


Within the framework of the EBA Women’s Club the “YOU: Coaching Program for Ladies” proved to be a great success for three months. The program was developed and prepared in partnership with PepsiCo Ukraine in order to create a high-quality platform for businesswomen, giving participants the opportunity to review different aspects of their lives and improve or change them step by step.

YOU is a new development program for women who are looking for new achievements. Five meetings were devoted to five separate topics that covered various aspects of life.

The program’s launch took place on February 22 with a speech by Elena Voloshyna, the head of the IFC in Ukraine. It is impossible to convey the incredible energy that was in the room. For almost two hours there was a lively dialogue, which was later described by the participants as like the “10 commandments for successful women”.

Elena Voloshyna the Head of the IFC in Ukraine
Careeraholism is definitely not better than alcoholism. Love what you do. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes. Do not be offended. Offense is a sin and destroys lives. Love yourself. You need to treat yourself. Do good. Be a woman. Be sure to find an hour for your girlfriends. Study always. Beware and admit your mistakes.

On March 6, despite the difficult weather conditions, the participants of the YOU program met with Olga Gutsal, Managing partner of Camion Oil. She explained why the life cycle of any project is not very different from human nature and what principles she is personally guided by in business.

Olga Gutsal Managing partner of Camion Oil
Entrepreneurship is a worm that does not allow you to live calmly. Imagine if there was no competition? Heels, makeup, hairstyle, would we do all this so that there would be no competition among women? No! Competition is good. This is the era of women in business, men, please forgive me. The world is changing very fast, but it’s a buzz.

The third meeting of the YOU: Coaching Program for Ladies was devoted to a very exciting and relevant topic for contemporary women – stress and its consequences. Thanks to Natalia Baykalova, business psychologist, on March 20 our members received many useful tips:

Natalia Baykalova Business psychologist
What is stress? This is the reaction of the body to dissatisfaction: psychological, physical, social. Modern multitasking is unhuman. First of all, you need to breathe. Quietly, it really helps in the moment of stress. Secondly, regular exercise that brings you pleasure. And the main thing is to find a personal balance, what brings it. Have your personal list of happiness. Being unhappy is very easy, but vice versa ... It’s a choice

“What’s more important, family or career?” – we asked Svetlana Paveletska, PR-director of 1 + 1 Media, and also – mother and wife. On April 4th, participants of the YOU project learned how Svetlana succeeds in combining her crazy schedule and personal life and heard several tips on time management:

Svetlana Paveletska PR-director of 1 + 1 Media
I answer the main question - is it possible to have everything at once? Yes, but not immediately. You have not 24, but 168 hours. Look at your schedule not in the context of one day, but a whole week. Do not try to be Caesar. Scientifically proved, it is much more efficient to perform tasks linearly, one after another. And the main thing ... Dream to change something and believe that you can work in order to change someone’s life. Every one of us can do it!

The final point of the coaching sessions was put by Yaroslava Gres. On April 11, the participants learned her 12 success stories and defeats, and most importantly – how not to give up.

Yaroslava Gres Managing partner at Gres Todorchuk PR
Tell about your fall only after you rise again. And you do not always have to be the first one when it comes to teamplay. The strength of each player weighs more than the success of only one. Do not listen to critics, pretend to have hearing problems. If the idea did not work from the first time, that does not mean that it’s worth burying it. Perhaps you should look at its implementation from a different angle.

In order to sum up the results of the project, we decided to meet once again in the cozy gallery of Spivakovska ART: EGO culture center. EBA Executive Director Anna Derevyanko addressed the assembled ladies and Iryna Kozlova, CEO of PepsiCo Ukraine, shared a few tips and her own success story. Participants shared their impressions of the project, the brightest moments and got a chance to get to know each other more in an informal setting.

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