European Business Association unveils Customs Index results

28/ 08/ 2018

Over one third (36%) of business respondents say they are not satisfied with the quality of customs services and the professionalism of custom officers. Meanwhile, 59% believe that corruption among customs authorities remains at the same level. Such data was obtained during the determination of the Customs Index of Ukraine from January to August 2018.

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According to the research, the Customs Index this year stands at 2.91 – below the neutral mark of “3”. For the second half of 2017 it was 3.05 points, for the first half of the same year – 2.9 points.

Anna Derevyanko the executive director of the European Business Association
The indicator of the Index is decreasing. As a result of the survey, we see that the reforms of customs authorities and services is dragging on. Although some shifts have taken place, business expects active action and real reforms. Postponing processes can further complicate the situation. In addition, without positive changes, the country loses opportunities for development.

According to information from business, it is critically important to simplify and accelerate customs formalities, form predictable and clear procedures in addition, to optimizing phytosanitary, ecological and radiological control.

Since February 2018, while importing goods it is important to use the single window system. According to the research, during the first half of this year the number of companies using the single window system was 91%, while during the 2nd half of 2017 – only 79%.

At the same time, only 38% respondents are satisfied with the work of a single window. Another third (32%) have not determined yet. So, elimination of shortcomings in the work of the system is really important. The EBA Customs Committee emphasizes that due to unforeseen delays in the implementation of customs procedures, entrepreneurs have no chance to plan their activities in the long-term perspective. This is a major problem, especially for large and medium-sized businesses. The business community hopes that the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible and bill №7010 will be adopted this autumn. After all, the key goal is to reduce the time of customs clearance of goods and to make customs control more effective.


The research has three thematic blocks – corruption, quality of customs services, work of the single window. The Index is measured twice a year. The mark of “3” is considered neutral. The maximum score is “5”. Fifty-eight experts were questioned.

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