EBA analysed the situation with customs clearance in Ukraine

12/ 02/ 2018

The European Business Association asked the experts of the EBA Customs Committee to share their opinions on the situation with customs clearance of the previous 7 months.

The new index reached 3.05 points out of five possible on the Likert scale.

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Previously in 2017, the index was 2, 9 points. Thus, there is a slight increase in the evaluation of the customs work, and the index eventually left the negative plane.

How was the index calculated?

We analyzed the average value of three indicators:


Quality of customs services

Work of the Single Window

Denys Shendryk Co-chair of the EBA Customs Committee, PwC
The Customs Index of the European Business Association in the second half of 2017 should be considered in the context of the launch of the Single Window system. Although the evaluation of this system is only one of the three components of the index, the work of the Single Window significantly influences the indicators “Quality of customs services” and “Corruption”.

The introduction of the “Single Window” system, first in a test and then in a mandatory mode, revealed previously hidden facts of complete dependence of importers and exporters on the inefficient, bureaucratic, and openly corrupt work of regulatory and customs authorities involved in the customs clearance of goods.  

Most of the issues discussed at the meetings of the EBA Customs Committee, and then forwarded to government offices, are related to delays in customs clearance of goods, due to the need for 100% phytosanitary inspection of goods with wooden packaging, bureaucratized veterinary and sanitary control, and sometimes double radiological control.

“In my opinion, these problems, as well as the lack of significant customs reforms, were defining for the Customs Index of the second half of 2017. I hope that with the further implementation of the “Single Window”, the Customs Index will improve,” – Denys Shendryk, Pwc.

More details and figures in the presentation.

If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to comment on the results. Write to us on pr@eba.com.ua

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