The Government has legalized the development of CSR for the first time in Ukraine

01/ 07/ 2020

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an Action Plan to promote the development of corporate social responsibility in the country. The action plan is focused on the implementation of the respective state CSR Concept for the period up to 2030. The concept was also adopted for the first time in Ukraine in January this year.

Business welcomes this document as one that will help strengthen policies, principles, standards, and practices of socially responsible activities in accordance with international standards, as the Action Plan has a list of specific measures, a list of public authorities responsible for these measures and their implementation.

Olga Boiko EBA Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development Committee Coordinator
Socially responsible business now needs government support more than ever, as well as an understanding that social and environmental initiatives of companies meet the expectations of the state. It is a way to synchronize the sustainable development agenda for the coming years.

At the end of April, the business community addressed the Ministry of Economy with 5 proposals that should be included in the above action plan, namely:

1) ensuring environmental protection provided Ukraine supports the European Green Course and European integration processes;

2) popularizing among companies the implementation of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals;

3) spreading the policy of equality and combating discrimination in the workplace;

4) encouraging big, medium and small businesses to conduct their activities in a socially responsible way;

5) stimulating corporate social responsibility with the state financial and economic instruments.

Therefore, the European Business Association thanks to the Government for considering most of the proposals. Together we managed to develop an Action Plan as an important step for Ukraine to support and encourage responsible business conduct. We hope that the Plan will be successfully implemented so that the business has the opportunity not only to grow and develop but also to fulfill its social responsibility to society and the country.


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