Restaurant Terrace: Additional Value of the Customer and the Benefit of Business

07/ 05/ 2020

Anna Goncharenko

Head of Sales, company MANEZH

The Ukrainian restaurant business is growing and new establishments are becoming a business card of large cities as well as smaller towns.

In the conditions of fierce competition, restaurateurs no longer rely only on good cuisine, but prefer other instruments – the original concept of the place, the maximum level of comfort and a well-thought-out interior. But the leader is terrace which today is no longer a luxury but a necessary part of a good restaurant.

A small terrace gives an average of +70 visitors daily (it is MANEZH’s own analytics). Having a check amount of 500 UAH. per month, the restaurant receives about 1 million UAH. additional profit ($ 35,000), which fully covers the cost of even the most expensive terrace.

The terrace solves not only an entrepreneurial task. It also performs a social function. When guests come to the city, they settle in hotels, dine in restaurants, drive on roads. It determines the level of the country.

Photo: Levee restaurant, Gloria sail made by MANEZH

The stylish architecture of the facade, the correct sign, a well-designed terrace will inevitably affect the atmosphere on the street around the cafe, and in a broader perspective, it will change the understanding of the townspeople about the look of their establishments, streets, and the city itself.

The terrace gives freedom from the weather: by opening or closing the roof, you can control the sun, wind and rain, forming a microclimate of the terrace. This is an opportunity to be the master of your space, and therefore the master of your life.

Photo: cafe-bar Moloko Bar, awning «Italy» made by MANEZH

Secret of the success

The experience of visiting a restaurant begins before a guest crosses his threshold. A local study in Charlotte, North Carolina, claims that 70% of the first sales in the new establishment are due to the exterior of the place. The same study says that customers are ready to pay more for food if they like the atmosphere of the establishment.

The cozy outdoor terrace, filled with satisfied visitors, is itself a confirmation that this is a popular place in the city. Here the so-called effect of “social proof” is triggered because people tend to trust the majority opinion.

People are also guided by the feedback of the external social environment, which is expressed in the desire to look at people and show themselves. Therefore, leaving home or office for lunch, a person is likely to choose a restaurant with a terrace.

The terrace space can have a separate menu, bonuses for customers, its evening program, a place to relax with children, etc.

Also, do not limit the terrace’s operating time to the summer season only. The creation of closed off-season terraces can significantly increase the time spent by visitors on that terrace and the average chek.

For every taste

A variety of modern sun protection systems allows you to realize many variations of the terrace. However, it is better to give preference to large stationary structures. For example, pergolas of the M-OCEAN line manufactured by MANEZH are designed for high wind loads, rain and snow. By closing the openings of such a terrace with external windproof Screen Spectra ZIP systems, Slider or Panorama glazing systems, it is easy to create an off-season location.

For smaller terraces, more mobile pergola options are suitable, as in the lightweight LITE line. It is easy to quickly organize a summer terrace with these typical pergolas and conveniently zoning the space on it.

Light fabric awnings and elegant umbrellas are suitable for decorating small areas near cafes and bars on the narrow streets of the city.

Tent systems will be an excellent solution for organizing an open-air area, in the courtyard, by the pool or in the restaurant’s garden.

The terrace is not just protection from the sun, rain or wind and additional seats for visitors. There is no doubt that the open terrace will enrich the experience of the restaurant’s client and provide an equivalent return on investment.

Photo: Benedikt restaurant, pergola M-Ocean made by MANEZH

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