Light and textile industry regulatory anomaly resolved

29/ 05/ 2019

From now on, textile and light industry equipment is not a subject of increased risk assessment under Ukrainian law. Corresponding changes were introduced by Resolution No. 330 to the Procedure for issuing permits for high risk work and for the operation (application) of machines, mechanisms, and equipment of increased danger.

Just last year light and textile industry equipment was recognized as high-risk. The regulation was implemented by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 48 dated February 7, 2018. The regulation concerned a large number of occupational safety issues. At the same time, it was unclear for business why these two sectors were included in the list of “high-risk equipment”. After all, there were no specific studies or case studies confirming this fact.

So, with the adopted changes, for example, companies that used sewing equipment needed to pass an examination and get permission for the equipment. If the company did not have such a permit, inspectors of the Department of Labor were entitled to issue an order prohibiting the operation of the equipment.

In addition, the need to obtain permission created additional financial costs, diverting funds from ensuring safe working conditions, enterprise development and job creation. For example, one company that had 18 cars on its balance sheet would have to pay about 40,000 USD for expert appraisal.

Julia Lehka the Coordinator of the Western Ukrainian Office of the European Business Association
The equation of the light and textile industries alongside the chemical, oil-extracting, and foundry industries in terms of level of danger was somewhat bizarre. Business is grateful to the Ministry of Social Policy, which eventually managed to rectify this anomaly.

EBA member companies point out that occupational injuries are unlikely during work on a sewing machine. In addition, the fabric, when cutting from the general segment and the sewing of individual parts, does not change its properties – so, this also can’t be a reason for increased danger.

The European Business Association repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of Social Policy, the State Regulatory Service, and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to adjust this norm and finally this situation was resolved last month. The business community is thankful that common sense has prevailed.

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