The Kovalska Group is going to build a new plant in the Lviv Region

10/ 12/ 2019

The Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group extends its activities to the west of the country. Within two years, the company intends to build a modern plant for the production of dry mixes in the Lviv region.

The Kovalska ICG starts its expansion to the Western Ukraine. The short-term plans of the company is to buy raw materials, expand processing and manufacturing capacities in the region.

In particular, during the period from 2020 to 2022, the Kovalska ICG intends to build a plant for manufacturing dry concrete mixtures in the Lviv region. The new production facility will occupy an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares. The planned capacity of the plant will be more than 100 thousand tons of dry mixes a year. In the future, the new plant of the Kovalska ICG will provide jobs for 500–700 employees.

At present, the share of the Siltek products on the Ukrainian market dry mixes is 7 %. Taking into account the current situation, it is planned to increase the share 2 times due to the launch of new production.

The company is going to build the new plant in the Lviv region using its own resources based on the principles of BIM – Building Information Modeling: the facility will be designed in the 3D format taking into account all the nuances of architectural features of structures, location of utilities and equipment of the plant as the integrated facility. It will be a new experience for the Kovalska ICG and, thus, the company is going to implement a modern approach in the construction of industrial facilities in Ukraine that is successfully used by the leading companies in Europe.

Information for Reference:

The Kovalska ICG produced under the Siltek brand more than 100 types of dry and liquid mortars: putties, plasters, screeds, paints, primers, sealants and construction foams. Production capacity of the plant is 150 thousand tons of mixtures a year.

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