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About the Programme

“Customers have a good memory. They remember you regardless of whether you remember them or not »

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

It is known that an indicator of the company’s competitiveness is the success of its client service system. After all, keeping an existing client for the company is cheaper than getting a new one. In any successful company, the main income is brought by regular customers.

Client service of any company depends not only in being polite with clients. High-quality service requires a number of factors, including staff selection and ethics, client base segmentation, complaint handling, analysis of competitors, CRM system development.

EBA Management Development Centre together with partners launch an updated Development Programme on Client Service. This is a unique programme, which is fully covered by experts and specialists with many years of experience in the field of customer service who are ready to share their insights.

The development programme allows you to explore the client service from all possible angles, learn how to attract customer attention at a glance, understand the customer typology and update approaches to work with them, create a client-oriented corporate culture, and systematize sales processes in the company.

Target audience: executive directors, owners and CEO of companies, managers responsible for marketing, business development, marketers, client service department managers, middle level managers.


Module 1. Attention at First Sight Turns into Love – Olena Rantsevich – 30 September

  • Hospitality starts from love for oneself and the staff.
  • PEOPLE choose PEOPLE. Forget about scripts, be real.
  • Case “Creativity”. How guests help to grow business.
  • Case and practical task. How to create shared values with stakeholders.
  • Case and Creative Session. Who is a “coziness maker”?

Module 2. The Internal Client Service of the Company as a Manifestation of its Organizational Culture – Inna Makoterska – 02 October

  • Concept and types of organizational cultures;
  • Three levels of culture: artifacts, values and fundamental concepts;
  • Internal customer service as part of the organizational culture of the company;
  • Decryption tools for the internal client service;
  • Employee Internal Journey and tools for building an internal client service;
  • The role of a leader in architecture, implementation and development of internal customer service;
  • Review and case studies.

Module 3. The Principle of Customer Orientation and Corporate Culture of the Company – Natalia Shmatko – 07 October

  • Psychological and technical preparation of high-quality work with clients.
  • Work with client base, segmentation. Creating a customer profile.
  • Building a client’s life cycle. Basic stages, management principles.
  • Corporate Service Standard. Basic principles of service standards development.
  • Cascading standards for employees and building a learning system.
  • Stages of implementation of service standards in a company.
  • Wow-ideas of service.

Module 4. Tools for Managing Customer Experience / Service – Sergiy Tkachenko – 09 October

  • Client service or client experience? Are the same or different concepts?
  • Client experience. What does it consist of and how is it formed.
  • Objective and subjective metrics for measuring customer experience / service.
  • Report on managing client experience / service: what to display for a complete picture.
  • NPS – typical errors in the work with the indicator.
  • Customer Journey Mapping as an effective tool for improving customer experience: where to start, how to build, what to do afterwards.

Module 5. Designing Client-Centric Services — Rodion Sorokin – 18 October

  • The difference between designing products and services.
  • Application of service design: from designing customer experience to the development of a service strategy.
  • How to break organizational silos and create cross-functional teams for design and implementation of services.
  • How to add a customers’ voice to the decision making process.
  • Designing multichannel experiences with Service Blueprinting.
  • Creating value propositions and service business models.
  • Service prototyping and testing of customer experience.

Module 6. Sales Conveyor. Customer’s Way from the Door to the Cashier – Valentyn Yaromenko – 16 October

  • System. How to systematize all sales processes of a company?
  • Rules. How to create and sell standards to sales team?
  • CRM. How to organize a successful launch of CRM?


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Olena Rantsevich
Strategic Marketing Consultant, owner of Stockholm Studios (Co-living and inspiration space). Work Experience - the head of marketing office Samsung in Belarus. Studied marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing / UK, and management at Open University / UK
Inna Makoterska
Co-founder of the consulting company I+J (www.i-plus-j.com), 9 years of experience in marketing, author and curator of the courses Project та Account Management. Before: Operational manager/Middle partner of the marketing agency Aimbulance
Natalia Shmatko
Chief customer experience officer of the cinemas network "Multiplex". 2011 to 2017 - Head of Client Experience Department, Deputy Director of Marketing at Pumb Bank. 15 years of experience in quality management - logistics, telecom, bank, cinema
Sergiy Tkachenko
leads the direction of client operations in the company Devellar (IT, e-commerce). 7 years experience in the field of service business processes improvement. Managed service subdivisions in Prominvestbank and Bank Mikhailovsky. Work experience as a leading expert on quality and customer experience in Vodafone Ukraine, with functional areas: NPS, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Care.
Rodion Sorokin
Head of Service Design, partner of DOT_DOT Innovations. An author of a magazine “Humanized Design” about creating customer-centric products and services, curator of a course on service design at Projector. For 7 years led the development of e-commerce and retail solutions at OWOX and Facelet. Implemented projects for Rozetka, Foxtrot, Eldorado, Comfy, GoodWine, Subaru, Panasonic
Valentyn Yaromenko
general director of the Sales consulting company “White Sales”, owner of the largest educational project on sales in Ukraine “White Sales School”, founder of “Creators”, author of white sales philosophy
Olena Rantsevich
Inna Makoterska
Natalia Shmatko
Sergiy Tkachenko
Rodion Sorokin
Valentyn Yaromenko


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