HR Management Development Programme (Module II)

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About the Programme

Nowadays HR-manager’s profession has become incredibly important in the corporate world. That is not surprising as human resource is the main competitive advantage of any company, especially during the period of economic instability. New challenges increased a level of requirements to HR-specialists in terms of their professional competencies. To keep up with the latest trends in HR, HR-professionals have to learn and improve their knowledge and skills constantly. To create a strong educational platform for modern HR’s, the EBA Management Development Centre has launched the HR-Management Development Programme. This long-term program helps participants to gain holistic understanding of the system of human resources management (HRM), increase their competitive advantage through the development of their HR-competencies, learn effective modern HR practices, and shape a systematic approach to the implementation of HR-functions in the company. Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificate of completion. Advantages of the programme:

  • Convenient format that allows combining study with work.
  • 60 hours of communication with HR schoolmates, and total dipping into HR-management atmosphere
  • Optimal combination of theory and practice (30/70), role-gaming, case studies, group work and team projects
  • High level of practical tasks based on materials designed for MBA students
  • Modern program content filled up with the most discussed and interesting HRM topics
  • Positive feedback received from graduates of the previous seasons


  • HR-specialists with different (from primary to high) level of expertise and work experience
  • Managers of specialized HR-functions who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of all HRM areas
  • HR-managers with a long-term experience who wish to learn about the latest trends in HRM and systemize their knowledge in HRM field


For the convenience of participants, the programme has been divided into 2 independent modules. Optionally, participants can take each module separately and get a certificate.



  • Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the manager’s leadership style and make appropriate adjustments to individual development plan.
  • Identify potential future leaders and design special development program for them.
  • Develop HR-strategy in accordance with the overall corporate strategy
  • Consider a typology of leaders in building communication with them
  • Identify main corporate principles of motivational management
  • Specify the degree of employee’s loyalty and develop actions to increase personnel engagement
  • Introduce a culture of feedback provision into the company practice
  • Use the Theory of generations for motivational purpose
  • Consider matrix of manager’s types in the formation of managing team


    Topic 1. HR-manager’s role in enhancing the leadership potential in the company

  • Leader vs Manager: similarities and differences.
  • Leadership’s definition and concepts.
  • Manager’s individual image. Components of Manager’s impact to get results that matter. Behavior patterns that contribute to win subordinates’ respect and trust.
  • Leadership Styles. Failure models of manager’s communication with subordinates. Diagnostics and correction of manager’s mistaken behavior.
  • Enhancing of individual leadership potential. How to design a leadership development program.

    Topic 2. Fundamentals of Strategic HR Management (HRM). The strategic role of HRM in the company (organization)

  • Growing role of HRM for business. Evolution of HRM function.
  • System of corporate HRM: approaches to HR-function organization. Key HR-functions, distribution of HR responsibilities within the company.
  • “HR-Manager” position: role, main tasks and responsibilities, professional competencies and requirements
  • Introduction to strategic HRM. Classification of HR-strategies.
  • HRM strategy at different stages of company’s life cycle.
  • HR-Manager’s participation in corporate strategy development and organizational design.
  • Strategy of HR-manager’s game in the top-management team. Common HR-manager’s mistakes and how to avoid performing of dangerous roles.
  • Structured interview with the CEO to identify priority tasks for HRM.

   Topic 3. Personnel Motivation and Engagement. Creating of “Driving” atmosphere

  • Motivation: concept, types. Classical and modern approaches to motivation.
  • Non-financial methods of motivation.
  • Degrees of employee’s loyalty
  • Employee’s engagement and its influence on profit. Methods to ensure a high level of employees’ engagement. Top-5 drivers that help to increase employees’ engagement.
  • Workplace conditions that promote high personnel engagement. Manager’s role in keeping subordinates loyal and engaged.
  • Character traits of generation ВВ, X, Y and their use in motivational management. Differences in generations’ motivational profile
  • Culture of “feedback provision” as an important part of motivational management. Developing feedback that encourages employees to change their deconstructive behavior and work better. Types of feedback. Rules of effective feedback.
  • Characteristics of employee’s motivation during the probation period. “On-boarding” principles and procedures.

    Topic 4. Effective collaboration between HR-manager and company’s Top-management

  • HR-manager’s alliance with the CEO: development and implementation of HRM strategy in line with Top-management’s expectations and business needs.
  • Classification of TOP-managers. Matrix of TOP-managers’ types.
  • Communication with different types of leaders.
  • Use of manager’s typical matrix for shaping a managing team.

    Summary of Module II. Final test. Presentation of team projects based on examinational case “HRM strategy of the Company”. Awarding certificates.



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Svitlana Grygorovych
PhD in Economics, MBA lecturer, certified teacher of Economics, 10+ years of experience in HR executive positions
Svitlana Grygorovych

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