Development Programme on Leadership Maturity and Efficiency

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About the Programme

Working on the next season

The conditions of today’s complex and uncertain world, in which leaders must act, require more flexibility, adaptability, new ways of thinking and action. Effective leadership is spoken about at every step, but often it is only about accumulation of competences that does not always lead to the desired results. In addition to the accumulation of knowledge and skills, the process of becoming a leader occurs through internal transformations. Awareness of the nature of such transformations, combined with special practical tools, helps the leader to become more coherent and effective.

This program is aimed at:

  • Development of levels of leadership maturity;
  • Essential skills as an integral part of holistic leadership;
  • Roles of reactive tendencies and creative competencies in the formation of leadership effectiveness;
  • Ways to achieve self-awareness and build the productive relationships within the team or organization.

 During the programme each participant will:

  • Form a holistic view of the leadership concept
  • Learn about the stages of development of leadership maturity and ways to measure it
  • Explore the distinction between creative and reactive leadership and the impact of leadership styles on business outcomes throughout the organization
  • Receive an answer to the question of what skills and qualities a successful transformation leader should possess
  • Get acquainted with the practices of personal and organizational transformation
  • Obtain a benchmark for their leadership maturity and direction for further development
  • Increase their self-awareness

Having successfully finished the program, you will receive a certificate of completion.


  • Middle & senior managers of the companies
  • Specialists, who wish to develop their leadership skills


 Module 1. Holistic development of a person and a leader. Levels of leadership maturity 

  1. Basic concepts of the integral approach to the development of human consciousness.
  2. The concept of leadership maturity.
  3. Levels of leader’s maturity, their diagnostics and ways of inbreeding.

MODULE 2. A holistic model of leadership efficiency development. Two operating system of the leader 

  1. Reactive trends and creative competences of the leader.
  2. The relationship between leadership maturity and effectiveness.
  3. The generalization of the concept of leadership effectiveness, its importance for the business results of the organization.

 MODULE 3. Blind zones and awareness of the leader in building the healthy relationships in the organization

  1. The concept of the shadow and its importance for the development of a coherent person.
  2. Blind spots of the leader.
  3. The shadow in relationships and in the organization.
  4. The ways of building a healthy relationship in the organization based on openness and trust.


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Vytautas Buciunas
Co-founder and Managing Partner, U-Integral. As an Integral Master Coach™ and organization consultant, helps individual leaders, teams and organizations evolve, become more effective and whole based on the Integral approach
Vytautas Buciunas


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