Negotiation Development Programme

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About the Programme

In an advanced, high potential, fast-moving and digital environment accurate knowledge and ability to use negotiating and diplomatic skills is demanded. It is also necessary to be flexible, psychologically educated and confident in different life based and business situations.

Negotiation Development Programme was founded in 2012 to develop your negotiation skills and increase professionalism in this sphere. Each season the programme it is updated.

During the modules of the programme you will spend 70% of time on practical cases, observe the bank of techniques for different types of negotiations, get a sense of confidence and emotional stability, as well as, make a self-development plan: how to improve negotiation skills.

Having successfully finished the programme, you will receive certificate of completion.


  • Understand the complete negotiation process
  • Obtain the main skills of managing the negotiation process
  • Master negotiation tactics which could be used in variable situations / scenarios
  • Strengthen skills to counteract manipulation
  • Understand the manipulation and study the techniques of counter-manipulation
  • Become emotionally stronger during “tough negotiations”
  • Develop creative skills for presenting your propositions


  • Managers of departments, negotiating with clients, partners, suppliers and rivals
  • Everybody, who is interested in learning how to behave during negotiations


Module 1.1. Introduction to Negotiations. Communicative Profile of a Negotiator – October 01

  • Basic negotiator’s terminology. The concept of the other side’s position and interest. The strategy and tactics of the negotiation process
  • Procedural model of negotiations
  • «Map of the world» of a negotiator. How to find «weak» points. How to establish a positive contact with your negotiation partner
  • How to manage contact in the negotiation process
  • Communicative map of negotiations. Communicative barriers and traps in the negotiation process
  • Negotiator’s typology

Module 1.2. Positional Analysis and Role Interaction in Negotiations – October 01

  • Analysis of the partner prior to negotiations
  • Definition of the psychological type: objectives, values and typical strategies of the partner depending on his psychotype
  • Identification of the psychological defense type
  • Social and age peculiarities of the partner during negotiations
  • Rules of role interaction in communication. The effect of role pressure
  • Effectiveness identification of a personal communication strategy in negotiations

Module 1.3. Preparation to Negotiations – October 01

  • Informational preparation: personal objectives, terms and conditions, which could determine the major targets for negotiations; information about the partner; information about external environment
  • Psychological preparation: personal state of mind. Techniques for creation of a particular negotiation climate
  • Tactic preparation: how to develop and combine tactic steps and prepare counter argumentation
  • How to choose appropriate strategy in a particular case
  • Preparation of negotiation team. Team rules interaction during the negotiation process
  • Efficiency criteria of the negotiations. Negotiation protocol

Module 1.4. The Beginning of the Negotiation Process. Introduction Tactics – October 08

  • Main tasks of the negotiation`s beginning
  • Intro part rules and protocol issues
  • Tools to clarify interests, objectives and axes of the partner in negotiations
  • Positions and interests: the essence and differences
  • Tactical maneuvers of this part of negotiations
  • The peculiarities of process management during the beginning

Module 1.5. Discussion Stage of the Negotiation Process – October 08

  • Main tasks of the discussion stage
  • Diagnostics of key problems in the overlapping interests
  • Leverages of negotiation process. «Cracking points» of negotiation scenario
  • Tactical issues for the discussion stage
  • Argumentation and counter-argumentation models
  • The obligatory check points during negotiations

Module 2.1. Bargaining in Negotiations. Counteracting Manipulation – October 15

  • How to discuss the price issue. Main rules: peculiarities of the stage, negotiation strategies
  • How to move on to the bargaining point. Negotiation scenario
  • Negotiation tactics for the bargaining process

Module 2.2. Counteracting Manipulation – October 15

  • Nature of manipulation
  • Manipulation of pressure, diplomatic manipulation, logical manipulation
  • Types of pressure: psychological pressure, status pressure, positional pressure. How to slip away from pressure
  • Skills to create a deadlock situation for the topic, skills to go out of a deadlock situation
  • How to act effectively in the situation when you have made a mistake. «Save the face» factor
  • How to counteract manipulation. Techniques. Methods of turning the negotiation process into a constructive way

Module 2.3. Emotional Intelligence of a Negotiator. How to Manage Your Emotions during the Negotiation Process – October 15

  • How could emotions influence the negotiation process
  • Emotional markers: types, ability to differentiate «my» state of mind- «the other» state of mind. What is «a border» in negotiations?
  • Diagnostics of triggers
  • Emotional self-control. Check points during the negotiation process
  • How to act effectively in the situation when you have made a mistake. «Save the face» factor
  • How to manage emotions during negotiations. The ways of dealing with impulsive emotional reactions
  • Regulation of emotional state. How to strengthen the emotional muscle
  • What to do to take care of the emotional state: before and after the negotiation process

Module 2.4. Finalizing Part of the Negotiation Process. Negotiation Tactics – October 22

  • Main tasks of the finalizing part
  • Last minute «surprises»
  • Tactical steps to finish the negotiations
  • Peculiarities of coming to an agreement at the end of the negotiation process

Module 3. Negotiation Battles – October 29

  • The last finalizing module is dedicated to the possibility of negotiation skills, techniques, tactics and patterns usage in simulated negotiations. Each participant will get an individual development plan for further working on his negotiation style and techniques


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Nataliia Baikalova
business trainer, psychologist with 12 years of practical experience, consultant on the prevention of emotional burnout
Svitlana Savchuk
Certified business trainer
Nataliia Baikalova
Svitlana Savchuk

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