Business welcomes the signing of the Law on supporting RES Producers

31/ 07/ 2020

Yesterday, the President of Ukraine signed a draft law No.3658 on changing the support of producers of renewable energy sources. It should be noted that this is a compromise document between the state and producers of “green” electricity to maintain the investment attractiveness of the industry and its further development.

Thus, the draft law implies three key changes. First, from July, the “green” tariffs are reduced for the facilities commissioned from July 1, 2015, to December 31, 2019. In particular, the tariffs are reduced for solar power plants by 10-15% and by 7.5% for wind power plants depending on the capacity.

Secondly, from 2022, the responsibility of RES producers for the imbalance (difference) between the declared and actual schedules of electricity production will be introduced. This will encourage companies to develop IT solutions and integrate systems to improve the accuracy of electricity supply forecasting and promote the development of the balancing capacity sector.

Third, if there is an overproduction of energy, which entailed the restrictions on energy supply, the transmission system operator will be designated responsible for compensating energy unreleased by RES producers, in accordance with the methodology approved by the Regulator.

Yevhenii Skulskyi EBA Energy Committee Coordinator
This law is crucial for the industry given the increased amount of non-payment for electricity and debts accumulated by enterprises. It will help to establish a platform to ensure the stability of the rules in the market, rather than constantly changing conditions as it is now. Besides, it helps investors get a timely return on investment from the state.

At the same time, the business hopes that all agreements in the market will be preserved, and companies will be able to continue to work under established conditions and plan their own activities in the long run.


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