Woodworking and Furniture

12/ 02/ 2018

The State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine (‘Agency’) issued an obligatory order for the heads of state enterprises under Agency aimed, among others, to increase control over the harvesting and sale of unprocessed timber.

The EBA Woodworking and Furniture Committee while meetings with the Agency has repeatedly insist on fulfillment of the existing order of unprocessed timber sale by permanent forest users.

We also appreciate the efforts on strengthening of control over distribution of low-grade wood to technological and firewood, but we consider should be clearly defined criteria according to which only low-grade wood that is not suitable for anything other but burning should be classified as firewood.

In case you require additional information please contact Yevhen Kuzmenko Yevhen.Kuzmenko@eba.com.ua, Woodworking & Furniture / Dairy Committees Coordinator.

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