05/ 05/ 2015

On 6 May the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine adopted its Order No.451, which cancels the mandatory certification of baby food, cosmetic products, light industrial products, road vehicles, and their constituent parts and outfits. As a result of EBA Food Committee efforts, all these product categories are now excluded from the List of products subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine.

Background: For a long time the EBA was focusing its attention on the outdated and complicated rules of baby food certification. To obtain a certificate, baby food producers and importers had to undertake a very lengthy, costly and bureaucratic run around. Importantly, this routine led to costs increasing both for business and for the final consumer. The mandatory baby certification could hardly be called an effective control instrument, as it lacked mechanisms that could help identify potentially dangerous food ingredients. Outdated sanitary rules and GOST/DSTU standards were completely inapplicable for international safety standards.

The EBA proposed harmonizing Ukraine’s legislation with the EU’s and international practices. That would surely have helped to ensure the quality and safety of products. Ukraine definitely needs its own food safety control system based on HACCP principles, equality and transparency. It also should contain effective and very strict penalty mechanisms for those manufacturers/suppliers who do not meet legal requirements for baby food production/import.

Supported by foreign professionals’ consultancy and expertise, the EBA managed to make the first step towards the establishment of a food safety control system in Ukraine – with the cancellation of the mandatory baby food certification.

We welcome the adoption of Order No.451, and express our words of gratitude to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine for their effective cooperation. We appreciate the efforts of the EBA members who took an active part in this process.

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