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18/ 03/ 2015

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 128 from 18 March 2015 cancels the Resolution of CMU “On the introduction the system of gathering, storage and disposal of waste as secondary raw materials” No 915 from 26 July 2001.

Background: To pass state environmental controls at Ukrainian border checkpoints, the importer of goods had to pay fee to “Ukrekoresursy”, which was under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, for the services of collecting, storing and disposing of containers and packaging materials of imported goods (without supporting documents regarding self-acceptance and disposal of used containers and packaging materials), despite the fact that these products along with the containers and packing materials, were mainly passed by the importer in the property of another person in the course of economic activities which used containers and packaging materials.

In addition, in case the importer of goods in the course of business used containers and packaging, “Ukrekoresursy” mainly refused to provide the services already paid earlier – namely to organize the collection of used packaging and packaging materials for the purposes of recycling.

So, the main problem was that “Ukrekoresursy”, according to assigned tasks, was to perform functions relating to the development and implementation of the system of collecting, storing and recycling, and de facto, for almost 14 years held the position of monopolist in the market of waste packaging and did not perform these tasks.

It should be noted that business already has a suggestion for improving waste management – implementing the principle of extending the producer`s responsibility for collecting and recycling used packaging in Ukraine.

The Association expresses our gratitude to all members who actively contributed to the abolition of CMU Resolution No915, and also wishes to thank the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and State Regulatory Service of Ukraine for their support!

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