Regulatory Affairs

20/ 07/ 2011

The necessity to redesign the regulatory framework of the previous version of the Air Code with the adjustment to European practices thus ensuring the proper legal basis for aviation activity and swelling the horizons for airlines was repeatedly voiced by the European Business Association representing country’s premier air carriers.

Predating the establishment of the special Working Group under the profile Parliament Committee on Transport and Communications, EBA Travel & Tourism Committee started elaborating its comments on the initial draft text of the Air Code back in late 2009. Since then the EBA has actively taken part in elaboration of the new Air Code defining advanced legal essentials for the aviation in Ukraine.

As a result of EBA continued appeals, the actual Air Code, originated in 1993, has undergone significant improvements outlined in the 2011 Draft Air Code, inter alia:

  • a sophisticated range of definitions, such as single international ticket, aircrafts and crews exchange and air catastrophe;
  • automatic booking systems ensuring the transparent and level playing field for different air carriers;
  • the obligation of airport operators to notify immediately and in written the authorised state body when the non-execution of airport (airdrome) repair revealed endangers (or could potentially endanger) the safety of flights or passengers;
  • obtainment of the operational license by the subject of aviation activity in case Ukraine and/or its citizens own more than 50% of the respective enterprise;
  • right of the passenger to refuse from air travel and obtain money for it back according to the rules of the air carrier and aviation rules of Ukraine.

The EBA does express the hope that newly adopted Air Code will be enforced properly to improve regulations of business activities in the aviation sector.

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