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19/ 07/ 2011

Herewith we are glad to inform you of termination of the Order On Approval of Business Trip Certificate No 260 dated 28 July 1997 formerly issued by State Tax Administration of Ukraine (hereinafter – Order No 260).

The legislative step cancelling form of business trip certificate that is to be issued  signed and stamped for confirming and referring relevant business trip expenditures to gross expenditures was undertaken by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in form of respective Order On Approving Termination of Order No 260 of State Tax Administration  No 738 dated 21 June 2011.

Beginning from publishing back in 2007 of the EBA Investment Paper ‘Barriers to Investment in Ukraine’ (as well as with the following EBA Report 2009 ‘Overcoming Obstacles to Business Success’) EBA consistently stressed before relevant authorities on the burdensome for businesses fact that existing requirements of confirming the business trip do not comply with present-day tendencies of doing business, causing misunderstandings with tax authorities. In particular problematic was requirement to stamp with the seal the business trip certificate by the host company as well as the need to issue a wide array of other supportive documents.

In response to numerous EBA appeals and lobbying efforts the Government initiated work on amending relevant legislation. Namely  by the Tax Code of Ukraine No 2755-VI dated 2 December 2010  business certificates were excluded from the list of documents confirming business trips expenditures,  and, as a final step – recent abolishment of the Order No 260.

We would like to thank all EBA members who supported and contributed to the EBA lobbying efforts that resulted in this success and we will keep you informed of any further developments.

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