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31/ 07/ 2013

Thanks to the active position of the business community, in particular the European Business Association, the Draft Law of Ukraine «On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning the Development of the Sphere of Postal Communications» dated 28 November 2012 was withdrawn by the Ministry of Infrastructure from public consideration and sent for reconsideration.

Background: On 28 November 2012 the Draft Law of Ukraine «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning the Development of the Sphere of Postal Communication» (hereinafter – the Draft Law) was published on the website of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine dated 28 November 2012 for public hearings.

The idea of streamlining the legislative activity of postal operators is reasonable, however at the moment there are important questions regarding liberalisation of this market and securing equal competitive requirements for all postal operators. In this connection a number of provisions of the draft Law provoked considerable criticism from the business community, namely:

  • implementation of free and smooth access to both letter boxes and subscriber mailboxes for “Ukrposhta” employees exclusively;

  • broadening of occupations accessible for national postal operator “Ukrposhta” representatives;

  • introduction of provisions which would guarantee the appropriate maintenance, e.g. lodgement for future post offices of “Ukrposhta”;

  • the right to create international mail exchange offices as well as work via them fixed under “Ukrposhta”;

  • total absence of financial verification for state budget of Ukraine due to “Ukrposhta” monopoly potential widening.

The Association, on its part, in order to improve the Draft Law appealed to the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, the State Service for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, with the proposal for prevention of post service market monopolisation. 

We are glad to inform, that the Association had received a letter from the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Mr. Kozak, in which it was noted that the Draft Law is withdrawn from the official website of the Ministry of infrastructure and submitted for further revision. In addition, the new version of the Draft Law will be promulgated when appropriate amendments are incorporated into the Draft Law.

We want to express gratitude to all company-members of the Association for active participation and persistence, and also to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for support in tackling this problem and we want to assure that the Association will continue working on the issue of post service regulation aiming to maintain equal relations and a competitive environment.

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