Grain and Oilseeds

23/ 03/ 2020

In connection with the global spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health of Qatar has issued the circular “On COVID-19 Precautions”. According to the circular requirements, all imported foodstuffs arriving in Qatar after 25 March 2020 must be accompanied by certificates or declarations from the competent authorities of the country of origin stating that “all necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the goods are not infected by COVID-19 virus, this applies to both production procedures and workers.”

Thanks to efficient communication between the Ministry of Economic Development, the State Consumer Service of Ukraine on Food Safety, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Qatar, the business has received an explanation, according to which in addition to documents from the state bodies, certificates from suppliers and transport agents will be accepted as well. We are grateful to the state authorities for their prompt response and clarification of these new requirements.

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