Consumer Electronics

22/ 04/ 2019

The EBA welcomes the adoption of Government Resolution No.323 dated April 10, 2019 that amended the Technical Regulations on Radio Equipment (TRs) in accordance with proposals of the business society.

The EBA Consumer Electronics Committee brought attention of the Government and State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection to the fact that some articles of the TRs were not harmonised with the relevant provisions of the EU Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. In particular, Ukrainian TRs foresaw that in a year after its entrance into force (on 1 April 2019) all equipment that had been placed in the market in previous years had to meet the requirements of the new Regulation. Consumer Electronics Committee members emphasised that this requirement not only was not harmonised with the EU Directive, but could also lead to a number of disputes with the market surveillance authorities.

We are grateful to the Government and involved state authorities for taking into account proposals of the business society and exclusion of the irrelevant requirement from the TRs.

In case you require additional information please contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Consumer Electronics Committee manager.

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