31/ 01/ 2019

The complication of stevedoring in Ukrainian sea ports was prevented

The experts of the EBA Logistics Committee have advocated the non-admission of licensing of economic activities related to the trans-shipment of dangerous goods.  As a result, the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine did not approve the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which would provide for the introduction of licensing of stevedoring activities in the ports of Ukraine.

The experts of the Committee argue that, essentially, this draft resolution of the CMU would create the basis for duplication of instruments of state regulation and control over the handling of dangerous goods, which is not rational given the existence of control systems for such activities.

The introduction of licensing of economic activities related to the provision of stevedoring services for dangerous goods would create an additional administrative burden for business and would further complicate the already complicated conditions for the functioning of the domestic port industry.  In turn, this would lead to a decrease in the competitiveness of Ukrainian ports and an extremely negative effect on the economic potential of Ukraine.

We thank the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine for a rational and fair approach to addressing the concerns of the business community!

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