20/ 10/ 2011

Since December 2010 EBA Agrochemical Committee has been trying to arrange a visit to the destruction site in Kirovograd, the only site in Ukraine designed for collection, rinsing, disinfection and destruction of used agrochemical packaging.

On 28 September 2011 experts of EBA Agrochemical Committee jointly with representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and Medved Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology finally conducted a  long-awaited visit to the destruction site in Kirovograd.

Background: For now world’s leading agrochemical companies operating on the crop protection market in Ukraine acknowledge that empty agrochemical containers embody a threat for the environment,  country and future generations. Therefore the businesses are ready to support the development and implementation of a proper collection and destruction system for empty containers from pesticides and agrochemicals in Ukraine.

One of the key elements of such  container management system is adequate facilities and infrastructure for used packaging collection, transportation, rinsing, disinfection, recycling and destruction. The only operational site authorised to implement such actions with empty agrochemical containers as mentioned above is the destruction site in Kirovograd.

At the end of 2010 – beginning of 2011 experts of  EBA Agrochemical Committee made several attempts to visit the site, however, with no success. Only in September 2011 with facilitation of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the experts of  Agrochemical Committee got a chance to see the destruction site and its equipment and estimate the real state-of-play.

We are happy to share this progress with our members who have been awaiting the development of appropriate container collection and destruction mechanisms in Ukraine.

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