Fuel and Energy

27/ 04/ 2011

The EBA received the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Amending the Rules for Retail Trade of Oil Products (hereinafter – the Draft) from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry). Currently these draft changes are being approved with several other Ministries and involved executive authorities.

The EBA first addressed the necessity for amending the existing Rules in this sphere back in June 2009 when we elaborated respective Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This Draft was sent to the Ministry and afterwards discussed at the meeting with the latter and the State Committee of Ukraine on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy. In autumn 2010 the EBA received from the Ministry the first Draft of the respective amendments to the Rules for Retail Trade of Oil Products, which was based on the Draft elaborated by the EBA Fuel & Energy Committee and as a result most of our proposals were taken in account in it. In particular, as we have suggested, the Draft envisages that information about oil products should include data on the name, marking and type of oil products. Also the Draft foresees that gas stations should be equipped to assure the precise functioning of fuel dispensers. In addition in line with our proposals, the Draft provides for the range of editorial changes and amendments to the Rules on Retail Trade of Oil Products which are in particular essential for updating these Rules.

The EBA hopes for final adoption of the Draft and will keep you updated on further developments with this regard.

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