Health Care

05/ 06/ 2018

The European Business Association (Association) is pleased to announce an important step forward in resolving the issue of the 10% surcharge cancellation on medical devices purchased with funds allocated from the state and local budgets. Cancellation of the surcharge would enable manufacturers of high-quality medical devices to participate in public procurement.

According to the results of the joint meeting chaired by First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maxim Nefyodov, with the participation of the state authorities’ representatives and the Association’s Health Care Committee experts, it was decided that the cancellation of the 10% surcharge on medical devices as fully or partially procured with public funds, is expedient.

As we reported earlier, the surcharge accounts for the business shadowing and does not allow companies operating transparently in the Ukrainian market to participate in public procurement because of the economic unattractiveness of such a process. Prior to the meeting, the Committee’s experts provided a relevant economic substantiation to the attention of the state authorities explaining the need to cancel the 10% surcharge. Moreover, there is no surcharge established by the EU legislation.

The Association is grateful to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine for a prompt response to the problem and understanding of the situation. We hope that a relevant draft Resolution cancelling the 10% surcharge on medical devices fully or partially procured with public funds, will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine’s meeting in the nearest future and adopted.

Furthermore, the Association once again expresses its gratitude to the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine for its full support and facilitation in resolving the issue, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other involved state authorities.

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