Dnipro Marketing & Communications

12/ 12/ 2017

The members of the EBA Marketing and Communications Committee gathered on December 12 to pay attention to themselves and discuss the importance and necessity of developing their own brand, reflecting on those who in general need a brand, and when exactly it makes sense to build it.

Lilia Taibova, a guest speaker and brand designer, shared her vision of creating and developing self-brand.

The participants lively discussed various aspects of their own brand: from the peculiarities of filling the pages in social networks to the overall image and responsibility that lies with the person who actively promotes herself. In addition, during the discussion, the participants identified the company’s brand and its brand’s boundaries and the situation where they can exist along, and where not.

The gift also was presented due to the meeting being held on pre-New Years’ time. Therefore, Tarasova Valeriya, HR of the Sicore, became the lucky winner of the book by Michael Klassen “Hippi Corp” from BDO and Balance Business Books.

We thank the chairman of the Committee Olga Zenini and the speaker Lilia Taybovaya for an interesting topic as well as our permanent reliable partners at the Parle Conference Hall for the venue.

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