Kharkiv Legal issues

04/ 07/ 2017

Labour discipline is a complex process. In order to simplify and put everything in order there is a Labour Code of Ukraine (2017). Serhiy Silchenko, the ILF partner, told about the labour legislation changes and nuances during the first EBA Kharkiv Legal Committee meeting. 

The participants learnt how to fixate the workers’ labour responsibilities in a better way, which control methods are permitted by law, which new rules will be brought by the Labour Code, how to fixate the offence etc. The labour responsibilities are set in the law, rules of internal labour regulations, collective agreement, local acts, employer’s orders and labour agreement, which is the the best variant (according to the specialist).

If employee commits an offence, the issue of overcharge appears. It is necessary to count the severity degree, the circumstances of commission, the damage size etc.‘The worker should sign the punishment administration order during familiarization!’, the expert emphasized. Dismissal may be considered to be lawful in a case of labour responsibilities systematical breach, absence from work, single gross breach of labour discipline, property theft and appearance at work in state of intoxication.

Over coffee, the speaker answered all attendees’ questions and shared his own experience in overcoming controversies that arise in the labour discipline area.

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