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23/ 05/ 2017

On May 23, members of the HR Committee met with the representatives of companies from around the world in the conference center Parle. The Skype communication was established with the HR Director of the E Meditek Group (India), HR Manager of theBiotacosmetic company (Turkey) and HR Director of the EY auditing and consulting company (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).

Major trends and challenges of the representatives of the companies were similar. It was noted that automatisation of the most processes led to fewer people and had increasedthe number of machines. Therefore, the role of HR had also been changing.

There is a process of outflow of able-bodied and most talented staff whichcan not be stopped, it is a trend you have to ride out. However, many companies, despite the crisis, are trying to motivate their employees by increasing salaries, giving promotion, expanding social package and providing an opportunity to undergo training and learning (sometimes abroad)coveredby the company.

Some companies given the advent of generations, began to change the format and work. Thus, “EY”, giving preferrence to the youth(80% – Generation “Y”), from September 2017 will change the internal order management and accountability.It will give employees more freedom and the ability to effectively collect feedback for monitoring satisfaction. Also the topic of remote work and its advantages and disadvantages has been discussed. Due to that,some companies have introduced the format of the low season, when there is insufficient profit. So they keep staff, saving on office maintenance (rent, cleaning, office, security, coffee, tea, etc.). However, the drawbacks of such a system are the lack of live communication andpossibility togenerate new ideas.

It is very important to start the analysis of predicting the future using a scientific approach. Therefore, Ukrainian companies have started to use the 360 ​​assessment, tocreate focus groups for the collectionof the feedbacksand to teach people how not to get lost in a changing world. Moreover, companies began to consider the diversitybetween the outlook of different generations by seekingcommon understanding between them, including the use of the mentorshipmethods. The main goal is not to divide people but to rallythem to achieve a common goal.

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